The War of 1812 in America

  • The Non-Intercourse Act

    The Congress replaced the Embrgo act with the Non-Intercourse act. This act was more succesfull than the Embargo act.
  • Period: to


  • Battle of Tippecanoe Creek

    The Battle of Tippecanoe was fought between United States forces Native American warriors. American forces were led by Governer William Henry Harrison. Native Americans lost the war and abandoned Prophetstown.
  • President Madison offering France and Great Britain a deal:

    if Great Britain and France agree to cease attacks on American ships, the US will stop trading with their enemies
  • Battle of Queenston Heights

    Really big American defeat was suffered when Major Gen. Stephen Van Renssalaer tried to capture Queenston on the west (Canadian)) side of the Niagara river seven miles away from it's mouth. Major Gen. Isaac Brock was killed during the battle.
  • The date that US Naval Commander Oliver Hazard Perry captured a British fleet on Lake Erie

    British Fleet on Lake Erie defeated and capture by US under Perry.
  • Battle of Thames

    US victory over British in Ontario, Canada. Tecumseh died and Native American resistance decrased.
  • British attack Washington D.C. and burn the Capitol and White House

    British forces set fire on White House, Capitol and most of Washington DC to demoralize American forces
  • The Battle of Baltimore

    Tjis battle was a sea/land battle between thwe forces of the British and the Americans. In this ferocious batlle, America won!!!
  • Napoleon's defeat in Europe, allowing the British to commit more troops to the war in the U.S.

    A defeat in Europe allowed the British to commit more rtroops to the U.S. It happened during the battle of Waterloo.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    America also won this war. This was one of the MAJOR Battles, so that was score one for the good guys.