The War of 1812

  • War of 1812 Declared

    War of 1812 Declared
    War finally declared whem James Madison signed the measure to law.
  • British Capture Fort Detroit

    British Capture Fort Detroit
    A mix of British and Native Americams bluffed and decepted the Americans into giving up Detroit and in the process raising the British's spirits.
  • The Americans Burn York

    The Americans Burn York
    The Americans defeated the British then pillaged York also setting many buildings on fire.
  • Battle of Stoney Creek

    Battle of Stoney Creek
    The British sneak attacked the camping Americans although they were outnumbered, The British triumphed but later fell back so as to hide their meager numbers.
  • Battle of Beaver Dams

  • Battle of Beaver Dams

    American troops wished to sneak attack Beaver Dams (a British outpost) but due to Laura Secord who lived in one of the citys that the Americans camped in, learnt of the American's plans and rushed to Beaver Dams to tell the British. Approximately 500 American's were captured.
  • Siege of Fort Erie

    The British defended Fort Erie but due to a supplies shortage they were forced to abandon Fort Erie.
  • The Burning of Washington

    The Burning of Washington happened when the Napoleonic wars were finished so they had many veterans ready to fight in North America. The troops faced only resistance against inexperienced troops in The Battle of Bladensburg who were defeated easily. The British marched into Washington and burned many buildings including the White House. There were rumours that the reason for burning the buildings was in response to the Burning of York.
  • Treaty of Ghent Signed

    The Treaty of Ghent was the treaty that was signed by the British first, the treaty would return modern day Canada to the British and modern day U.S.A. to U.S.A..
  • Battle of New Orleans

    The Battle of New Orleans was the last major battle of the War of 1812. The British ached for New Orleans and attacked, but were defended successfully by the Americans.
  • Treaty of Ghent Ratified By U.S.A.

    Due to the slow method of overseas communication in that time The Battle of New Orleans was fought before word of the Treaty came although the treaty was signed before the battle but not ratified.