The War of 1812

  • France and Britian go to war

    France and Britian go to war
    Once again, France and Britian went to wa. But, this time they draged the U.S.A. into it this time. The other nations wanted us to stop suplying them with goods. Yet we never listen.
  • Period: to

    war of 1812

  • The Acts of France and Britian

    Around this time,Due to the fact that Britian didnt want France to recive suplies, Britian passed a few acts that let them seize and search ships carrieing suplies to France.France soon did the same thing but aganst ships traveling to Britian. American merchants had to go threw impressment by the British.
  • The Embargo Act

    Congress passed an act that Banned trade withBritian. It didnt do much to britian but it hurt the american economy greatly. By 1808, Jefferson recived a large ammount of petitions to repeal the act.In 1809 they switched it with the non-intercorse act.
  • War Declaration

    Presidint James madison went to Congress to dicuss their problum with Britian. They had a vote on wether or not to have war. War was soon declared for the first time by congress
  • Iron Sides

    The U.S. ship called the constitution met the british Guerriere near Nova Scotia.; the two started to fight, yet when cannonballs hit the constitution the bounced off. The ship was made of very strong oak and won the first battle of the war of 1812.
  • Fireing Canada

    In the dark of night, U.S. troops snuck into canada and burned down theier capital: York.
  • Battle of Thames

    Harrisons troops charged into the british troops by the thames river. This tactic worked to deplete the British troops . yet, the native americans where stobbern and only stopped when their leader Tecumseh died.
  • Battle of Horseshoe Bend

    Andrew Jackson attacked the main creek base on the Tallapoosa river.The battle was qick and easy for Jackson. A few day after, the creek native americans came and surrendered. This made the creek give the U.S. a large ammount of their land.
  • There go's the White House

    Due to the earlier burning of Canadas capital, the british broke threw the american forces and burned the white house.
  • A Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

    In Washingto DC,presidint Madisons wife, Dolly, was one of the last to leave the white house when they knew that the british where coming. Ignoring the danger, Dolly took a portrait of Washington and saved it. After leaving, the britsh raided and burned the white house.
  • Music to His Ears

    Francis Scott Key saw the fighting at Fort McHenery.As he waited for the end of the warfare, the smoke cleared and he saw that the american flag still flew, marking victory. Francis then wrote the 'star spangled banner' which became our national anthem.
  • Treaty of Ghent

    In Belgium, a peace agreement was signed by the U.S. and Britian. Both had to give up their concored land. Yet the people in america did not know of this untill after the battle of New orleans.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Near new orleans, the U.S. troops built walls to help them in the war that was to take place in the flat lands.Then, when the British came they where quickly shot down for they had no cover. When it ended, the british had around 2000 casualties while the americans had about 70.