War of 1812

The War Of 1812

  • British Stop Ships

    British Stop Ships
    British are stopping america from trading with France because they are at war and they are doing this by stopping are ships and making our men fight for Britan.
  • USS Chesapeake

    USS Chesapeake
    When the British ship (Leopard) fired upon the American ship (Chesapeake) they wounded several of the American sailors and they needed to surender. The ship was allowed to return to Gosport for repairs.
  • Embargo Act

    Embargo Act
    Congress passes an embargo act which stops us from tradeing with all other foreign countries.Through this embargo, Jefferson hopes to prevent war with Britain.
  • Non-Intercourse Act

    Thomas Jefferson signs the Non-Intercourse Act.This new act makes it so we can trade with all nations except Great Britain and France.
  • The Battle of Tippecanoe

    Considered the first battle of the War of 1812, this battle takes place between Americans and Native Americans. When the American soldiers saw that the Indians had British weapons, they knew the British were helping them against the Americans. After a long battle Americans destroyed the hopes of a large Indian tribe.
  • Mass and Connecticut Refuse War

    Mass and Connecticut refuse to send their miltia to war
  • General William Hull Enters Canada

    General William Hull took his men across the Detroit River and into Canada this is where Great Britan and America had a battle which ended as America surendering.
  • Battle of Frenchtown

    Battle of Frenchtown
    British and Indian allies push back American troops at the Battle of Frenchtown. American survivors are killed during the Raisin River Massacre.
  • Battle of Lake Erie

    Battle of Lake Erie
    In a ten on six navel battle, America against Britan, America wins. After the ten hours it took them to win they controled Lake Erie.
  • Period: to

    British Burn The White House

    The British burn Washington, DC in revenge for burning York. President James Madison flees the Capital.
  • The Battle of Plattsburgh

    The Battle of Plattsburgh is a major American victory securing Lake Champlain northern border.
  • The Star Spangled Banner

    The Star Spangled Banner
    Francis Scott Key witnesses the British attack Baltimore inspiring him to write "The Star Spangled Banner.
  • The Treaty of Ghent

    The Treaty of Ghent
    American and Britain leaders agree to the terms of the Treaty of Ghent which state that they will go back to the way things where before the war.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Battle of New Orleans
    United States wins its greatest military victory of the conflict. At the Battle of New Orleans. United States have a force of 5000 men compared to British army of 7500 soldiers. This results in 2036 British casualties to the Americans 21. Andrew Jackson will become a national hero, eventually leading to him being president in 1828.
  • The Peace Treaty

    The Peace Treaty is signed by President Madison and declares the war over.