The War of 1812

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  • First sign of war

    First sign of war
    The British ship Leopard fires upon the American ship Chesepeke. This causes the whole nation to hate Britian. Everyone wants the USA to declare war on Britian. Our president doesn't want to do this becuae it would be a big headace for him.
  • James Madison is Inagurated President

    James Madison is Inagurated President
    About James Madison
    James Madison got inagurated president in 1809. The reason the war didn't start sooner is because it would have been hard to transfer the information from one president to another. James Madison was president for the whole war. He ended office soon after the war.
  • Events Leading to the War

    Events Leading to the War
    One of thw worst was the increasing attack of the British. They would take over our shps and steal everything on them. They would even kill our sailors. The British did this because they were still upset about us beating them in the Revolution.
  • War is declared!

    War is declared!
    The US decides to declare war on Britian. Only a president can declare war on another country. After this decree, many riots broke out in Baltimore. All of these people were againt being in the war.
  • Attack Canada!

    Attack Canada!
    This is the first attempt of the US to try and take parts of Canada. They will try three more times trying to capture them. The British then force the USA to surrender a fort in present day Michigan.
  • Death of a General

    Death of a General
    General Issac Brock is killed in a prison camp in canada. This was after losing one of the first battles of the war. He had been help prisioner two long months. This really showed the US that this was going to be a hard war to win.
  • The burining of York

    The burining of York
    The American troops decided that they needed to get back at the British. They captured the whole city of York. Afte that they burned the entire city that is now knowns a Toronto. This is what showed the British that the Americans would be tough to beat.
  • The Seige of Fort Megis

    The Seige of Fort Megis
    This is the first seige of the war of 1812. A seige is when the army surrounds a fort and lets nobody in or out until they surrender. This was considered the easiest way to win a war because there are no deaths involved in it. It also weakens the enemy so that they can not fight back. A seige can last up to three months though
  • The Battle of Lake Erie

    The Battle of Lake Erie
    About the Battle of Lake Erie
    The Battle of Lake Erie was one of the few battles on water in the war of 1812. The commander of the US fleet was Admiral Perry. He made the famous quote,"We have met the enemy and they are ours." This was the greatest sucess for the USA
  • The Capital is Burnt!

    The Capital is Burnt!
    The British were still extremely mad at the United States from burning Toronto. They decided to burn the US capital. They succeeded in burning it but not until Mrs. Madison saved George Washingtons portrait. It is still hanging in the White House to this day.
  • The Battle of Baltimore

    The Battle of Baltimore
    The battle of Baltimore was one of the most intense battles of the War of 1812. The battle went on for two whole days and even into the night. This battle was the one that decided who would win the war. The British were attacking from the water and the Americans were protecting their fort on land.
  • The Star Spangled Bannar

    The Star Spangled Bannar
    The Star Spangled Banner
    This was origionally wrote in the form of a poem. It was wrote by Francis Scott Key while he was prisoner on a British ship.It was almost immediately put to the tune of another popular song. It is now the offical song of the United States.
  • The Treaty of Ghent

    The Treaty of Ghent
    This is the treaty that ended the war. It was made in Washington DC. It was signed before the battle of New Orleans.
  • The Battle of New Orleans

    The Battle of New Orleans
    Battle of New Orleans song
    This is the battle that followed the signing of the peace treaty. It was fought in the town of New Orleans. The Americans ended up winning but it didn't matter. The war was already over.
  • The War is Over!

    The War is Over!
    James Madison passes the peace treaty. After three years of war it is finally over. The last battle was the Battle of New Orleans. It was a long three years for both of the sides and they were glad to be done.