The War of 1812

  • War Hawks Take Power

    The War Hawks were strongest in New England. Most New Englanders beleived going to war with Britain would hurt the American trade.
  • President Madison takes office

    Madison took office in 1809 the Americans were mad angered by Britian because they gave the Native Americans weapons.
  • Relations with Great Britian Worsen

    In the months of 1812 America's relationship with Great Britain was getting worse. Britain said they would keep impressing sailors. In June Congress declared war on Britain.
  • Congress Declares War on Britain

    Great Britain said that they would continue to impress sailors. So in June, Congress declared war on Britain.
  • America is not Ready for War

    When the the time came America was not ready for war. Jeffersons spending cuts weakend the American military strength. The army only had 16 warships ready for war. Also there was fewer than 7,000 men in the army.
  • Britain Blockades American Ports

    In the first days of war Britain had a blockadeon the American coasts ports. By 1814, the British navy had 135 warships. They were able to blockade all of the Americans ports.
  • Invasion of Canada

    In July 1812 the American troops invaded Canada. General William Hull lead the troops. He was unsure of the attack they invaded from Detroit. He thought he did not have enough soilders so he soon retreated. The british general took the advantage and captured over 2,000 American soilders.
  • USS Constitution scores a victory

    In August of 1812 the USS constitution defeated the British ship Guerriere. The sailors nick named the ship "Old Ironsides" because the British fire bounced off the hauls thick oak sides.
  • Battle of Lake Erie

    A three hour battle took place at Put-In-Bay. This was the Battle of Lake Erie, the American flagship was badly damaged. The commander, Oliver Hazard Perry, switched to another ship an just kept fighting. The Americans acheived victory.
  • Batlle of Thames

  • Battle of Horseshoe Bend

  • Washington, D.C Attacked & Burned

  • Attack on Baltimore

  • Writing of the Star Spangled Banner

  • Hartford Convention

  • Treaty of Ghent

  • Battle of New Orleans