The waR of 1812

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    The war of 1812

  • President madison takes office

    Madison hoped that Britain and france would soon agree to stop violating american neutrolity. Madison helped write the constitution and pass the bill of rights. As president he wanted no wars to be started. Many americans thought Madison was to timid. The United Sates went to war in 1812.
  • Britain blockades american ports

    Several sea captains won stunning victories. Issac hull spotted the Brtish ship Guerrie. Once spotted Issac shot at both sides of the boat. When smoke cleared Issac asked British captain if he stuck his flag. Britsh captain lowered his flag surrending.
  • Battle of horseshoe bend

    Andrew Jackson a Tennessee officer took command of american troops. With help of the Cherokees Jackson won a crushng victory. Tecumseh died at battle indians had no leader. Even though tecumseh died the creeks still fought. Creeks surrenderd to Jacksons camp.
  • Battle of thames

    After losing control at lake erie the british and there ally tecumseh retreated from detriot to canada. The americans won a decisive victory at the battle of thames. Tecumseh died while fighting without tecumseh they were nothing. General william henry harrison vetaran of tippanoe pursed the british. After tecumseh death the fighting ended.
  • Hardford Convention

    The British block aid had hurt New Englanders sea trad badly. Delegates met in Hardford Connecticut to solve the problems they were having with britian. They disliked the republican president and the war. Most delegates that went were fedralist. The delegates threatened to leave the union if war went on.
  • Treaty Of Ghent

    John Quincy Adams thought the treaty wouldnt settle anything. Britain and United States settled a disputre between canda and the united states. Europe would treat America with better respect. Some americans thought the war was a mistake and didnt want the treaty. The people feel and act more as a nation today.
  • USS constitution scores a victory

    The Uss Constitution was known as old ironsides because British cannon balls bounced off her walls. The ship was docked in boston open to public view. The boat took war with British in August. In 1997 the ship went under restonation. Today the navy and museum invites people to tour the ship.