The War of 1812

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    The War of 1812

  • President Madison takes office

    Tension with Britian was high when james Madison took office in 1809. Americans were angryat britian for arming Native Americans in the Northwest.Americans also resented the continued impressment of Americans sailors by the British.
  • War Hawks Take Power

    The war hawks are those who are eager for war with Britian. Opposition to war was the strongest in New England. Many new Englanders believed war with Britian would harm American trade.Relations with Britian worsened steadly in the early months of 1812.
  • Relations with Great Britian Worsen

    Relations with great Britian worsened steadily in the early months of 1812.In the spring, the British told the united states they would continue impressing sailors.Meanwhile,Native Americans in the Northwest Began new attacks on frontier seddlements. In June,congress did declare war on Britian.
  • Congress Declares War on Great Britian

  • America is not ready for War

    at about 500 men on average for most of the war.Numbers fell off quite seriously in early 1943 when it seemed that the Canadian Army had no immediate prospects of getting into the fighting.Sicily and began fighting its way through Italy.
  • Britian Blockades American Ports

    The United States had established trade relations with several European states.the U.S. government was furious with the British for intercepting American merchant ships.Anger at the actions of the Royal Navy was a major factor leading to the American declaration of war on Britain in 1812 and the subsequent invasion of Canada.
  • Invasion of Canada

    Even before the war began, the War Hawks were demanding an invasion of Canada. they expected Canidians to welcome the chance to throw off British rule. NOT FINISHED
  • USS Constution scores a victory

  • Battle of Lake Erie

  • Battle of Thames

  • the Wrighting of the Star Spangled Banner

  • Battle of Horseshoe Bend

  • Washington D.C Attaced & Burned

  • Attack on Baltimore

  • Hartford Convention

  • Tready of Ghent

  • Battle of New Orleanes