The war of 1812

By zai143
  • James Madison complains to congress

    U.S president James Madison sends a letter to congress stating that British are treating us unfairly and that the U.S should go to war.
  • Period: to

    The War of 1812

    The war of 1812 lasts till 1815 and is still named after its first year.
  • The war of 1812 begins

    The Americans and Britain go to war.
  • Canadian town of sandwich

    William Hull leads an attack on Sandwich with a force of 1000 poorly trained militia.
  • Fort Michilimackinac

    American Lieutenant Porter Hanks fears that the natives will kill everyone in side the fort and surrenders it to the British.
  • Capture of Detroit

    3000 men consisting of 2000 Natives and 1000 Canadian and British forces take over Detroit with 0 casualties. The Americans fear of the Natives payed a big part in this victory.
  • Queenston Heights

    80 brave mohawk warriors suppress a win for the Americans, but just barely. General Isaac Brock is killed. He was known as a hero in the war.
  • Frenchtowns American slaughter

    The British destroy the Americans with a surprise attack.
  • The battle of York.

    The British forces realize that there is no winning at that fort so they blew up all their ammo and killed 250 Americans.
  • Niagra-on-the-lake, Ontario

    The british and canadian forces lose Fort George after a fiercly fought battle.
  • Stony Creek

    The British and Canadian forces win Stony Creek and end Americas attempts to take over that part of ontario.
  • Beaver Dams

    Laura Secord warns the Canadian and British forces and thus leads to a victory for the Canadians and the Brits.
  • Put-in-Bay, Lake Erie

    British are defeated by American ships on Put-in-Bay on lake Erie.
  • Battle for Thames

    The Americans win a victory after persueing the British from Lake Erie. Tecumseh, leader of the native forces , is killed. The natives decide to leave the british and fight for themselves. This is the first battle the native fight on their own.
  • Battle for Chateuguay

    The Canadians defeat the americans in an attempt at attacking lower canada.
  • Crysler's Farm

    The Americans are defeated in an attempt at attacking Montreal by pursueing British forces.
  • Fort Niagra captured

    The British capture as the Americans leave it unattended while they move towards lower Canada.
  • Fort Erie

    The Americans invade upper Canada with a force of 3500 regulars and 600 natives.
  • Chippawa

    The British lose the battle because General Phineas Riall thought that the regulars were militia.
  • The battle for Lundys Lane

    The British win this battle but casualties on both sides are vast. 640 British are killed and 740 Americans are killed.
  • The Battle for Washington

    The British capture Washington and burn down public buildings.
  • The battle for New Orleans

    The British lose 700 men and 1000 are wounded. The Americans lose 10 or less men.
  • Treaty of Ghent

    The British sign the Treaty and give back all the land conquerd during the war. This ends the war of 1812.