the war of 1812

  • president madison

    president madison
    In march of 1908 president madison takes office of a in raged America. He was the thered pressident of the U.S.A.He was allso pressident though out the whole war of 1812
  • Period: to

    the war of 1812

  • war hawks

    war hawks
    In1810 two natioalists, Henery clay and John Calhoun of south Carolina became leaders of the House of Representatives. Henery, John, and there supporters wanted war with Britain which granted them the name war hawks
  • America is not ready for war

    America is not ready for war
    In the early days of war America soon realised it was not ready for battle. The spending cuts created by Jefferson left America weakened. With only 16 war ships and less then 7000 men America was not ready to get into a battle with Britain.
  • congress declares war on britain

    congress declares war on britain
    when congress declared war on britain native Americans stated attecking the frointer. England also fortified canada and blocked ports.
  • relations with britain worsen

    Relations with britain worsened steadly in the early months of 1812. In the spring britain told America they would continue impressing sailors. Right when congress declared war on britain native Americans begain new attacks on the western frontier
  • britain blockades America

    britain blockades America
    the first few days when the war began, The british used a blockade. A blockade is the action of shutting downa port or raod to prevent people or supplies from cominginto an area or going out.
  • invation of canada

    even befor the war war hawks where suggesting America invades canada. In july 1812 america invaded canada.Canada was invaded by troops under genaral willeum hull. during the attack they where foruced to retreat
  • USS constitutioin scores a victory

    USS constitutioin scores a victory
    a major sea battle was fought in the early stages of the war. In August 1812 the USS Constitution defeated a Britsh war ship The Guerrier. According to tradtion salors called the costitution old iron sides because cannon balls bounesed of the sides
  • Second Battle of Sacket's Harbor

    In the early weeks of the War, the British had seized control of the Great Lakes.In September 1812 Captain Isaac Chauncey was commaned to assum power over navel forces.british fouce intentedeted to attack American forces
  • battle of lake Erie

    In the war it was importet to both sides to controle lake Erie. When the war Broke out Britain immediately took controll of Lake Erie. When Americas Wounded flag ship came into action to meat the british in the first shots.
  • battle of Thames

    s the British and thier allies retreated, the Americans under General William Henry Harrison pursued them. they followed the British into Canada, defeating them in th battle of thames. tecumseh was also among those who were killed.
  • battle of Horseshoe

    In the summer of 1813 Creek Warriors attacked Sevrle southern American settlements. andrew Jackson took control of American forces in georgia. The forces marched into Houresshoe Bend and won
  • battle of fort Oswego

    battle of fort Oswego
    During the early months of 1814 while Lake Ontario was frozen. The British and American naval squadrons had been building two frigates each. The british had made a Friget that would be out classed and sent it to lake oswego. As a result Briten won
  • washingtonD.C attacked and burned

    in 1814 Briten changed there tactics. They marched in to Washington and burned the capital and other goverment buildings. The nation was tarrifed that the army was hlepless to stop them
  • Battle of Plattsburgh

    The Battle of Plattsburgh became the key battle of the war. The battle forced the Britsih Army back into Canada. In the Naval battle, also known as the Battle of Lake Champlain, the very young American Navy defeated the British Navy who was the world's strogest at the time. The Battle of Plattsburgh resulted in the British Commander Lieutenant General Sir George Prevost to be relieved of his command.
  • Hartford Conservation

    in Decmembur 1814 new England Federalists met in Hartford Connecticut. Some delegates to the Hartford convention suggested that the new England states secede from the USA. While the delgates debated, New of the Teaty Of Ghent Arrived
  • Treaty of Ghent

    by 1814 Britain had tired of war. Peace talks begain in Ghent Belgium. on Christmas eva 1814 the tratey of Ghent was signed ending the war.
  • Battle of the New Orleans

    January of 1815 the battle of New Orleans was Foght by America. American fouces lead by General Andrew Jackson Won a victore over the british.