The Treaty of Sevres Timeline

  • The Ending of World War 1

    The ending of WW1 was a major of why the treaty of sevres was created iin the first place. The allied of forces of Britian, France, and the United States defeated Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey. This aloud for the allies to write the Treaty for the Allies and to exclude Russia and the fallen Ottoman Empire from having any positivity which came from the treaty itself.
  • The Signing of the Treaty of Sevres

    After more than fifteen months was spent on drawing the treaty up, Great Britain, Italy and France signed it for the victorious Allies of WW1. The treaty, which liquidated the Ottoman Empire and virtually abolished Turkish sovereignty, had terms harsh towards specific countries that were not part of the allied forces, such as Turkey. After the ottoman fell, Britain took effective possession and control of Palestine while France took over Syria, Lebanon and some land in southern Anatolia.
  • The Splitting of the Middle East

    The fallen Empire and the land they had possessed was now getting split up between the allies with the help of the Treaty. East and West Anatolia were declared areas of French influence. The Ottoman Empire was now forbidden from having any economic collaboration with Germany, Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria and all the economic assets of these four states were liquidated within the Ottoman Empire. Britian took major portions as well as France and the harshness continued for the ones of lossed.
  • Fate of the Treaty

    On October 18, the government of Damat Ferid Pasha was replaced by a provisional ministry under Ahmed Tevfik Pasha as Grand Vizier, who announced an intention to convoke the Senate with the purpose of ratification of the Treaty. The Treaty was distained after due to the beggining of the military assults and the iradication of the Turks, looking for needed independance.

    The Treaty shaped most of the middle east today. With this treaty, many influences came about, such as the British and French influences after they took over the 600,000+Sq/Ml of land that belonged to the empire. The culture was impacted in ways that were harsh, due to the higher standers set by the allies. They felt supreme to these new people and standards were set on how big an army could be and much firepower each could have, because the allies were afraid of the taking of what they gained.

    Attacks from one military started feud with another and they still exist today. The current conflict over the settlement of the Gaza Strip and the West bank, which has changed hands multiple times since the origial battle in that region and the past has affected the present and current day middle east more than expected. Middle Eastern countries fought with Isreal, and Natives fought back swarmed militaries, all because of independance and greediness brought by the allies.