The Russian Revolution

  • The Decembrist Revolt

    The Decembrist Revolt
    The Decembrist Revolt is when a small group of nobles and army officers tried to overthrow Czar Nicholas's government. The protestors did not succed, but became heroes later generations of revolutionaries.
  • Nicholas II becomes czar of Russia

    Nicholas II becomes czar of Russia
    He inherited the throne from his father, Alexander III, after he died in 1894. He didn't handle things very well, and ended up dying by the Bolshevikes executing him on July 17, 1918.
  • The Russo-Japanesse War

    The Russo-Japanesse War
    Japan and Russia both wanted control over Korea and Manchuria. The war resulted in a great defeat for Russia and increased some econmic hardships for them.
  • World War I Russia Involvement

    World War I Russia Involvement
    Russia entered WWI with the largest army in the world, standing at 1,400,000 soldiers; when fully mobilized the Russian army expanded to over 5,000,000 soldiers. But unfortunately they could not arm all of the soldiers.
  • The March Revolution

    The March Revolution
    The March Revolution was when workers wanted money. At first they demanded at 50% wage incresase so that they could buy food. And then once they didn't get that they went on strike. Since they weren't gettting paid now they couldn't afford food at all. As the revolution went on it got worse, and the police ended up killing some people. After all of this the royalty came to an end in Russia.
  • Czar Nicholas II abdicates Russian throne

    Czar Nicholas II abdicates Russian throne
    The army garrison at Petrograd joined striking workers in demanding socialist reforms, and Czar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate. Him and his family were first held at the Czarskoye Selo palace, then in the Yekaterinburg palace near Tobolsk. In July 1918, the advance of a counterrevolutionary forces caused the Yekaterinburg Soviet forces to fear that Nicholas might be rescued. After a secret meeting, a death sentence was passed on his whole family. They were all shot to death.
  • The Russian Civil War

    The Russian Civil War
    The Russian Civil War tore Russia apart for three years. In started about 1918 and ended about 1921. All I know is that it started in November but I don't know the exact date. The civil war occurred because after November 1917, many groups had formed that opposed Lenin’s Bolsheviks. These groups included monarchists, militarists, and, for a short time, foreign nations. Collectively, they were known as the Whites while the Bolsheviks were known as the Reds.
  • The creation of the U.S.S.R

    The creation of the U.S.S.R
    Also known as the Soviet Union, the new communist state was the successor to the Russian Empire and the first country in the world to be based on Marxist socialism.USSR, all levels of government were controlled by the Communist Party, and the party's politburo, with its increasingly powerful general secretary, effectively ruled the country. Soviet industry was owned and managed by the state, and agricultural land was divided into state-run collective farms.
  • Vladimir Lenin's death

    Vladimir Lenin's death
    Vladmimir was an architect and he was the first leader of the Soviet Union. He died of a brain hemorrhage at the age of 54.
  • Bloody Sunday

    Bloody Sunday
    It was supposed to a peaceful march, but then Nicholas II started shooting at the unarmed protestors. This march was organized by Father Georgi and factory workers and all they wanted to do was present a petition asking for better working conditions and some political freedoms.