Us and russia conflict

History of US and Russia conflict

By zalva
  • First Contact

    First Contact
    When America declared its independence from Great Britain diplomacy between the two countries and Russia helped the US win the war because Russia decided not to supply the British.
  • Diplomat to Russia

    Diplomat to Russia
    The Untied States sent Francis Dana in 1780 to establish relations with the Russian Empire and promote the United States as an established and legitimate country in the world. Dana however never got serious recognition from the Russians
  • U.S Consul in Russia

    Levett Harris was appointed by president Thomas Jefferson to represent the United States and establish trade relations with Russia.
  • Russian representative to U.S

    Tsar Alexander agreed to send a Russian minister to the US if the US reciprocated.
  • Treaty of Ghent mediator

    Treaty of Ghent mediator
    When the U.S and Great Britain could not agree on certain terms in the Treaty of Ghent to end the war of 1812, the U.S suggested that Russia act as mediator
  • Russian Railroads

    Russian Railroads
    Tsar Nicholas hired an American engineer named George Washington Whistler to oversee the development of Russia's railroad infrastructure.
  • American Civil War and Russia

    American Civil War and Russia
    During the American Civil War, Russia supported the Union's reunification and France's idea of acting as a mediator for the peace.
  • Purchase of Alaska

    Purchase of Alaska
    The U.S bought Alaska from the Russians fro 7.2 million. The purchase pleased both parties by supplying American efforts in the Pacific and saving Russia resources by no longer having to supply it.
  • First U.S president to visit Russia

    First U.S president to visit Russia
    Former U.S president Ulysses S. Grant becomes the first former president to visit Russia.
  • Aid to Russia

    Aid to Russia
    During WW1, while the U.S remained neutral they still supplied the allies, including Russia with supplies
  • U.S recognizes USSR

    To avoid diplomatic and economic complications, U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt met with a Soviet representative to establish relations
  • Tehran Confernace

    Tehran Confernace
    The leaders of the U.S, Britain, and the USSR met in Tehran to discuss the state of the world after world war two
  • Soviet Atomic Bomb

    Soviet Atomic Bomb
    President Truman announced to the U.S as a nation that the USSR had detonated its first atomic bomb, bringing a sense of fear across the nation.
  • U-2 incident

    U-2 incident
    To ensure the security of the country president Eisenhower approves the flights of a U-2 plane over Soviet territory, the plane is shot down by the Soviets.
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    Cuban Missle Crisis
    The island nation of Cuba was stockpiling missiles for the Soviet Union so the U.S put up a blockade around the island. To avoid catastrophe the two countries agreed on a compromise that removed U.S missiles from Turkey and Soviet missiles from Cuba.
  • Hotline

    In case of crisis the U.S. and USSR created an instant means of communication between the two powers.
  • Joint Space opperation

    The U.S and USSR conducted a linking of each of their space craft
  • 1984 Olympics

    1984 Olympics
    Fearing that security measures in the U.S where not good enough the USSR did not send its athletes to the Olympics in Los Angles, California.
  • Listening Device

    And electronic device that was intercepting messages was discovered at U.S embassy in Russia
  • Economic Assistance

    U.S President H.W Bush extended economic assistance to the USSR when the country was going through food shortages.
  • Soviet Union dissolves

    Soviet Union dissolves
    With the resignation of Soviet president Gorbachev and the separation of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus the Soviet Union collapsed.
  • Clinton and Putin

    U.S and Russian presidents meet at the g-8 summit in Japan to discuss global Political issues
  • 9/11 attacks

    Russian President Putin is the first foreign leader to contact president Bush after the terrorist attacks
  • Invasion of Iraq

    Russian president Putin opposes to U.S invasion of Iraq
  • Relations

    Following the fighting in Georgia U.S president Barrack Obama calls for a reset of relations between the U.S and Russia to discuss nuclear programs in other countries
  • Russian Spies

    The U.S government announced that it has apprehended ten Russian spies in the U.S
  • St. Peters-burg Summit

    St. Peters-burg Summit
    U.S president Barrack Obama is advised not to meddle in the Syrian Civil War. President Obama instead give Russian president Putin a plan to remove all chemical weapons from Syria
  • G20 summit in Turkey

    The leaders of Russia and the U.S discuss a ceasefire and eventual peace in Syria
  • President Trumps election

    U.S intelligence agencies have discovered proof that Russia had meddled in the 20116 presidential election in favor of Donald Trump
  • G20 summit in Hamburg

    G20 summit in Hamburg
    U.S President Trump has his first meeting with Russian President Putin to discuss the 2016 presidential election and official cease fire in Syria.
  • Sanctions on Russia

    A bill is sighed by U.S President Donald Trump and is passed by Congress that puts sanctions on Russia. Around the same time many U.S employees are let go in Russia and Russia's diplomatic headquarters in San Francisco is shut down.
  • National Security Strategy

    U.S President Donald Trump warns that China and Russia challenge America with matters of their global effect