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The Rise of the Border: U.S. and Mexico Relations

  • Mexican-American War Begins

    Mexican-American War Begins
    The war begins between the U.S. and the United Mexican States over the annexation of Texas. This was a fight for land and would be the beginning of the formation of the Southwest.
  • End of Mexican-American War

    End of Mexican-American War
    The war ending brought about the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. This treaty pretty much brought New Mexico and Arizona into the United States. It also brought in California, Nevada, Utah and parts of Colorado and Wyoming.
  • Compromise of 1850

    Compromise of 1850
    The U.S. Congress addressed the land issues with five bills that were passed. With the passing of this compromise, much of New Mexico was now going to be Arizona and part of Nevada.
  • Border Survey

    Border Survey
    The U.S. and Mexico agreed to survey the land to see if they can find a proper place to put the border. The two countries used an inaccurate map, the Disturnell map. It benefitted Mexico.
  • The Gasden Purchase

    The Gasden Purchase
    This $1o million purchase was another piece added to the future of Arizona. This made up the southern part of Arizona and the southwestern part of New Mexico.
  • Arizona's Recognition

    Arizona's Recognition
    Confederate president, Jefferson Davis, recognizes Arizona as a territory 50 years before it ever became a U.S. state.
  • 109th Meridian

    109th Meridian
    U.S. Congress found out that silver was being found in the Dona Ana County which didn't belong to the U.S. So a bill was passed to create the north-to-south border that splits Arizona and New Mexico.
  • AZ Territory

    AZ Territory
    President Lincoln signs the Arizona Territory into law.
  • Pah-Ute Outrage

    Pah-Ute Outrage
    U.S. Congress gives the Pah-Ute County to Nevada because it was a state and Arizona was only a territory. If Arizona would've been given the Pah-Ute County, Las Vegas would've been part of Arizona.
  • Arizona Petition

    Arizona Petition
    The Chiricahua Apaches fled from legal trouble by crossing the unprotected border.When this happened, the people of Arizona sent a letter to Washington complaining about what transpired.
  • Chinese Labor

    Chinese Labor
    The Chinese Exclusion Act reduces the amount of work available to the Chinese. So railroad companies go to the border to find workers to do their labor.
  • Tension Rises

    Tension Rises
    U.S. troops are sent to the border when the Mexican Revolution was so close. The citizens on either side came out to watch what was about to happen. This happened because Francisco Madero led a successful revolt under Porfirio Diaz.
  • 48th State

    48th State
    Arizona becomes the 48th inducted state with the borders it has now.
  • Striking Down the Revolt

    Striking Down the Revolt
    The miners in Bisbee that were part of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) planning to go on strike had their plans struck down with force. They wanted to revolt because the bandits that caused trouble were allowed to roam freely. The men going on strike were sent to the middle of nowhere in New Mexico.
  • Border Patrol

    Border Patrol
    The first Border Patrol was established. Some of the men that made this group up were in the KKK. They carried out some of the long ignored laws.