The revolution

By Jace303
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    The national assembly took the tennis court oath saying members can not leave untill a constitution is writen. This made france creat a constitution. This was a good thing because louis was not going to do it on his own,
  • Bastille attacked!

    Bastille attacked!
    parisians form a mod and invade the Bastille,a prison and armory. This sent out the idea of revolution and got the people fired up, They now believed the reviolution could happen and got everyone ready to revolt.
  • The death of Robespirre

    The death of Robespirre
    Maxmlien Robespirre is beheaded. Gave people revenge on him and his roal in the terror. this made the people happy and gave them relife.
  • Czar leads army.

    Czar leads army.
    czar goes the the front lines to lead the russian army during ww2. This was bad for Russia because the Czar left his wife in charge when he was gone and she didnt know what she was doing, also even though Russia was in was the country was still poor so alot of people were fighting without food or wepons.
  • Moscow new capital city.

    Moscow new capital city.
    Bolshevics declered Moscow the new capital city of Russia. The capital city changed from St.Petersburg to Moscow this was important because it showed that the Bolshevics had power and the support of the people.
  • Royal family exicuted

    Royal family exicuted
    The czae and family were exicuted. This was a good thing i guess because the people got revenge on the way they were treated when Nicholas was in power, and it gave them a sence of change and a new Russia.