The Reformation

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  • 1517

    The beginning of the Reformation

    The beginning of the Reformation
    The Reformation, otherwise known as the Protestant Reformation, began in the year 1517. This was when the protestants, who resided West of Rome started challenging the Catholic Church in terms of religion and political power. Both of which the Roman Catholic Church had in spades.
  • 1517

    Martin Luther and his impact upon the reformation

    Martin Luther and his impact upon the reformation
    At the forefront of the protestant reformation was a man named Martin Luther. He wrote a book by the title of, "Ninety-Five Theses". This was a number of beliefs he had regarding repentance of sins when one is in purgatory. Purgatory is the place a soul might be stuck in between heaven and earth. It is believed that he unofficially created the divide between the Catholic Church and his believers after the publish of this book.
  • 1521

    The Edict of Worms

    The Edict of Worms
    In the year 1521, the Roman Catholic Church and Luther and those who were believers of what he composed were split. Along with criminalizing everything Luther had done, they also put a bounty on his head. Stating, "Those who will help in his capture will be rewarded generously for their good work".
  • 1522

    Luther Prints the Bible in German

    This was a really big deal for people at the time. Since not a lot of people could read or speak in Latin besides a small number of priests, it was hard to listen to the words of the Bible. However, after Luther translated it into casual German. It became extremely accessible for a lot of people. It brought the literacy rates up by a very large margin since now people have more of an incentive to learn to read.
  • 1524

    The Peasants Wars

    Due to taxes which took a big tole on the poor, along with the corruption of the time, the peasants were fed up with everything cast down upon them by the Church. That was their original incentive as to why they were protesting. But things changed once their leader Thomas Muntzer attained power. He twisted the original intentions and shaped it into a religious ball of anger aimed towards the Catholic Church.
  • 1525

    The baby boom of religious sects

    After Martin Luther printed the German Bible and a lot of people had attained access to it, they also got it messages. One of these messages was that everyone's beliefs and opinions matter just as much as everyone else's, this included the Catholic Church. This gave birth to an enormous number of new interpretations of Christianity and it gave the people the confidence to share it with the rest of the people. This was the case until the end of the reformation.
  • The underlying message from the Reformation

    This movement dramatically changed Christianity. Many new sects of Christianity was born from it and many new people had the confidence to share their interpretations of Christianity. The Church lost power but it was unofficially redistributed among the people.
    1. Who first translated the Bible into German?
    2. Why did the peasants wars initially start for?