The Mexican-American War

  • Mexico Independence

    On this date, Mexico declared its independence from Spain, they would be greatly damaged following the war.
  • Polk Administration

    On this date, James K. Polk was elected President. His administration would look to expand the United States through the philosophy of "Manifest Destiny".
  • Texas Enters Union

    On this date, the citizens living in Texas would join the United States and look to cut ties with Mexico.
  • War Starts

    On this date, the United States officially declares war on Mexico. Mexico refused to give land to the United States because they felt the United States was threatening their territorial integrity.
  • California is Annexed

    On this date, the Bear Flag rebels declared California independence from Mexico. U.S troops and Californios would punish away Mexican forces, many natives joined the U.S.
  • Monterey is Gone

    On this date, the United States Navy would push their troops into Monterey, Mexico, and defeat Mexican troops and push towards the capital.
  • Mexico City is Under Attack

    On this date, the United States troops would storm into Mexico's capital, Mexico City. Later defeating Mexico.
  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    On this date, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed. This treaty would settle land disputes and money bargains between the two countries. The treaty seemed to benefit the United States more than Mexico.
  • Treaty is Official

    On this date, the Mexican congress would officially approve the treaty later ending the war between the two.