The Industrial Revolution

  • Battery

    In 1800, the battery was invented. Count Alessandro Volta invented the battery.
  • Period: to

    American Industrial Revolution

    Things no longer had to be done by hand after the 1870s. More and more focus of society was set on machines, factories, and industry.
  • Electric Lamp

    In 1809, the electric lamp is invented by Humprhy Davy. The electric lamp is the first electric light- the first arc lamp. The electric lamp makes life at home easier for the people who can afford one.
  • Locomotive

    In 1814, the first steam locomotive was designed by George Stephenson. Travel over long distances was much easier. The steam locomotive is a rail vehicle used for pulling trains that is powered by steam. With the steam locomotive, massive amounts of good could be transported across land easily.
  • First Photograph

    Also in 1814, the first photograph was taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. To take the picture, he set up a machine called the camera obscura, darkened enclosed space in which the actual image of an object is received through a little opening or lens and focused in natural color onto a facing surface rather than recorded on a plate, in the window of his home in France. The camera took 8 hours to take the picture.
  • McCormick Reaper

    In 1831, Cyrus McCormick, an American, invents the first successful reaper. The invention of the reaper reduces the amound of work that is neccessary to harvest crops. Production rate increases.
  • Corn Planter

    In 1834, the corn planter is patented by Henry Blair. He was the second black person to recieve a U.S. patent.The corn panter makes it easier to plant of the main staple crops of the Midwest and the North.
  • Revolver

    In 1836, Samuel Colt invented the first revolver. The revolver makes both more and less dangerous on the fronteir. The revolver is used frequently in the Civil War.
  • Morse Code

    In 1838, Samual Morse invents the Morse Code. This is used to turn the telegraph into an effective mode of communication. The Morse Code aslo makes communication faster and easier.
  • Mercerized Cotton

    In 1844, John Mercer, an Englishman, invents mercerized cotton. The mercerized cotton has a glossy glow. It improves the quality and asthethitic apeal of cotton clothes.
  • Anesthesia for Desntistry

    In Massaschusetts, Dr. William Morton, was the first dentist to use anestheia for tooth extraction.This allows all dentistry work to be less painful and making dentist appointments more pleasurable.
  • Dishwasher

    Joel Houghton was granted the first patent for a dishwasher. Makes home life easier for those who can afford it. SUMMARY
    In 1850 women were introduced to a different way to do the dishes. The patent for our modern day dishwasher wa granted to Joel Houghton. If you had the money to purchase it, life was made much easier.
  • Gyroscope

    In 1852, the gyroscope was invented by Jean Bernard Léon Foucault invents gyroscope. Originally it was used as a teaching aid. It is now what makes the screen on your iPhone flip.
  • Pullman Sleeping Car

    In 1854, train travel was changed when George Pullman had the idea for creating a sleeping car for those long train trips. Finally train travel was becoming more pleasureable.
  • Fiber Optics

    In 1854, the principals of fiber optics were demonsgrated by John Tyndall.The internet and phone cables are now the main cables used. Fiber optics were first used as a teaching tool.
  • Bessemer Process

    In 1855, Henry Bessemer invented a new and easier process to convert iron into Steel. He named it after himself Bessemer Rrocess. This invention makes steel easier to get allowing it to be used in making various things including knives and skyscrapers.
  • Cylinder Lock

    In 1861, Linus Yale invented a wonderful product. He invented the Yale lock which is a cylinder type lock. This made door locks cheaper and much easier to make. We are still using similar locks today. manufacture.
  • Typewriter

    In 1867, Christopher Scholes invented the first practical and modern typewriter.Today typewriters are easily available, but computers are rapidly taking their place. This revolutionalized the the world of business and how we wrote our words.
  • Contact Lenses

    In 1887, F.E. Muller and Adolph Fick invented the first wearable contact lenses. Thus we began our love of these lenses, which makes it easier for those who wear glasses. But, we have come very far since the first ones were not very practicle.
  • Portable Motion-picture Camera (Cinematographe)

    In 1895, Lumiere Brothers had an idea for a portable motion-picture camera, film processing unit, and projector called the Cinematographe. Using their invention they were the first to show a projected motion picture to an audience of more than only one person. Since then motion picture shows have become extremely popular.
  • Roller Coaster

    In 1898. Edwin Prescott received a patent for the first roller coaster. Because of this invention, our modern day amusement parks were open. This invention and the parks have provideded our familes much fun to this day.