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Eli Whitney by Matthew Posoli

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    Eli Whitney's Life

  • Eli Whitney is born

    Eli Whitney is born
    Eli Whitney was born in Westbro, Massachusetts. His dad Eli Whitney and his mom Elizabeth Whitney were both farmers. His dad was the towns justice of peace. When he was five years old, his mother dies so he took reponsibility of taking cre of his younger siblings being the oldest.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    Thomas Jefferson is told to write the Declaration of Independence declaring our independence from England. This document is written and signed by 52 2nd Continental Congress Members at Independence Hall with John Handcok as the president of the Congress.
  • First Violin

    First Violin
    At age tweleve, Whitney made his first violin at home. He started showing skills in making and building diffferent things. This skill would make him famous later in life.
  • Nail- Making

    Nail- Making
    When Eli was a teenager he developed a way to make nails in his dad's workshop. He then started a nail- making buisness and sold nails to companies and houses.
  • Surrender

    After fighting for six years, General Cornwallis surrenders to General Washington's Army at Yorktown, Vargina. This makered the end of the Revolution and the start of a new country with independence.
  • Teching

    Eli Whitney taught at a grammar schhol as one of his first jobs before going to college. It was the towns school in Westbro, Massachusetts where he grew up and went to school.
  • Abolishing Slavery

    Abolishing Slavery
    Northwest establishes a system of goverment that abolishes slavery because of Thomas Jefferson. Many states were abolishing slavery north of the Mason and Dixon Line.
  • College

    Eli Whitney decided he wanted to go to college. His dad did not think he could do it but Eli was determined and went to Yale College in New Haven, Connecticut. He went to college for for years and left for Georgia for a job.
  • Moving Away

    Moving Away
    After Whitney graduated from Yale College in 1792, he got a job offer in Savannah, Georgia to teach law and even to study it more. Unfortunatly, when he arrived he soon found out that the spot had already been filled. So he became a guest and stayed with Ms.Greene, a widower who lost her husband in the Revolution, while he was studying.
  • The Cotton Gin

    The Cotton Gin
    Ms. Greene heard some men talkingf about how hard it was to get out the seeds from green cotton and they were producing so little cotton it was not becoming profitable. Ms. Greene told the that he could build a machine thta could pull the seeds from the cotton. Eli Whitney accepted this task and in 1793 he invented the cotton gin. Thi machine made the US the leading producer in cotton in the world over Egypt and India. This invention lead to major manufactering and indusrial buissness in the US.
  • First Musem

    First Musem
    Charles Wilson Peale opens the 1st National History Musem in Philidelphia. He wanted to show people information about the world that they probably do not know.
  • New President

    New President
    John Adams is elected president of the United States of America. He was the secod president behing George Washinton and was the first president to live in the first White House.
  • Musket maker

    Musket maker
    After inventing the cotton gin, Eli Whitney tried a new hobby after his cotton gin buissness was not working and other people were building new and improved gins. Making muskets. He started a french-style musket company that filled contracts for guns from the US goverment in New Haven, Connecticut where Yale College is located. He owned a factory and a little villege where his workers lived in. He used manufactoring skills that are used successfully today.
  • Death of a great American

    Death of a great American
    George Washington dies in his house at Mount Vernon. Washington was 67 when he dies because he was suffering from yellow throat, a throat infection and pneumonia. He died at exactly 10:00 in the morning.
  • First Hotel in the US

    First Hotel in the US
    The first hotel is opened in the US at Saratoga Springs, NY. It was called the Grand Union Hotel and made built by Gideon Putnam. It became the world's largest hotel! But it was destroyed in 1953.
  • No more Slave Trade

    No more Slave Trade
    It was a new year and a new set of rules. In 1808, US Congress prohibits the Slave Trade from Africa. This trade was started when the first colonys stated in america and took almost 200 years to end.
  • Marriage

    Eli Whitney was so caught up in is buissness with cotton gins and making muskets, he never thought about getting married or having children. When he was 52 he married Henrietta Edwards. He had four children after they got married named Francis Edwards Whitney, Elizabeth Fay Whitney, Eli Whitney III, and Susan Edwards Whitney.
  • New Population

    New Population
    The Us population rise to 9,638,453. The highest the countries population has risen to. Many people were coming from all over the world to Ellis Island to enter for a new life into America.
  • Texas Colony

    Texas Colony
    Stephen F. Austin establishes American colony in Texas. Santa Anna gave Austin a grant of land and he decides to use to make a colony out of it. He led the second, but first legal and ultimately successful colonization of the region by bringing 300 families from the United States. He is known of as the Father of Texas.
  • Death

    On January 8, 1825 Eli Whitney dies in New Haven, Connecticut. He was suffering from prostate cancer at the time and natur took its cousre. He was 59 when he dies leaving a wife and four children all young behind. He was buried at Grove. St Cemetary and is still there today.