New Technology

  • Jun 3, 1400

    Bow and Arrow

    Bow and Arrow
    This was a weapon that was used to hunt large animals such as bufallo and bison. The Bow and arrow was used by Native American hunters. It was constructed using a long stick with a very sharp object at the end.
  • Jul 2, 1450

    Hunting and Gathering

    Hunting and Gathering
    During pre-columbian culture hunting and Gathering was used. This was a part of thier Culture. They hunted wild animals such as buffola , Bison They .gathering wild fruits, berries, nuts, and vegetables to support their diet. The hunting and gathering system lasted for many years.
  • Jun 16, 1492


    Horses were brought to the Americas during the Colombian exchange. They were a useful resourse to the Native Americans due to the fact it made hunting much more easier and quicker.
  • River sysrtem Trade

    River sysrtem Trade
    During this time period , the Dutch Colonization regularly sended Fur traders across the Atlantic and up to the Hudson river to trade with the Native Americans. Through the River system , it made trade more faster. The Dutch also used a small island at the mouth of the Hudson River as a fort to protect its growing intertes in the fur trade.
  • Tabacco

    Tabacco was the sourse that kept the Colony of Virginia from falling apart. The Colonist became very wealthy cultivating tabacoo.
  • Agriculture

    The puritans came into the Americas unexpirianced on plantation. With the help of the Native Americans , they teached them the techniques in agriculture. Due to this the puritans had a new resource to survive.
  • Flintlock Musket

    Flintlock Musket
    During the 1600's , the most used guns were the Flint Lock Musket. These were used during this time period , they began being upgrated by most Guns being operated with a trigger and gun powder. Due to this it was easiert to fire the gun and not wait to light a fuse and wait for it to fire.
  • Gorrila Tactics

    Gorrila Tactics
    Gorrila Tactics was a form of warfare. Through this they used ambushes , hit and runs raids. They would hide and fire in places the opposing side could not see them . This was succesful because it caught the opposing side on surprise.
  • Lightning Rod

    Lightning Rod
    The lightning Rod was invented by Benjamin Franklin. The rod is attached to an aluminum or copper cable that's connected to an underground conductive grid. It conducts lightning bolts harmlessly into the ground.
  • Steam Engine

    Steam Engine
    The steam engine used coal instead of water. It powered many machines such as cotton mills. This was a good resource because it allowed factories to be bulit anywhere.
  • Submarine

    The submarine was invented by David Bushnell. It was capable of operation inderwater. They were first widely used during World War I.
  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    The cotton Gin was a machine inveted by Eli Whitney. This was a machine that seperated the cotton from the seeds.Due to the cotton Gin there was an increase of cotton producted which led to the need of more slaves.
  • Vaccines

    In oder for the soilders to fight off Small pox , they started injecting themselves with it (small Pox). They did this in order to become immune to it
  • Steamboat

    The steamboat was invented by Robert Fulton. It was used as transportation of people and resources . The steam boat was a quick way to transport through widely rivers. They could be moved across the current of the river.
  • Erie Canal

    Erie Canal
    Since travel in land was slow and timeconsuming. The Erie Canal was invented. They digged 363 mile canal to connect the Hudson River with Lake Erie. This became a quicker and cheaper way to tranpost goods.
  • Railroads

    Railroads were invented in 1829. Their main use at that time was for the Union Army to transport any supplies they needed to get to their soldiers in the South. Another thing they used railroads for was transporting soldiers. The railroads was the kick the economy needed to get it up again, because of all the profit railroad owners recieved.
  • Telegraph

    The telegraph was invted by Samuel Morse. This was a resourse that allowed long distance communication. The telegraph worked by sending electrical signals over a wire laid inbetween two places.The creation of this brought the people of the nation closer to each other.
  • Minie Ball

    Minie Ball
    The minie ball was a bullet most used during the American Civil War. When the Minié ball struck a bone, it usually caused the bone to shatte. It was a very sussesfull tool used during war due to its immense power.
  • Corporations

    Corporation is a big buisness is which ownership is shared by a number of people. There were many businesses created in this time because of technology.
  • Iroclads

    The iroclads were the first ships made out of iron or steel. They were the first ships not made out of wood. The wooden ships were to weak to survive in a battle so the ships were imrpoved which resulted in the iroclads.
  • Mining Towns

    Mining Towns
    Mining towns were places were all people looking for gold and silver went to. They places became known as mining towns because there was a lot of westward expansion for the mining,
  • Barbed Wire

    Barbed Wire
    Lucien B Smith was the inventor of the Barbed Wire. It closed down the open cattle ranges by closing cattle onto individual plots of provately owned land.
  • Transcontinental Railroad

    Transcontinental Railroad
    After year of being built, the transcontinental railroad was established, There were two companies that helped build the large railwoad, the Central Pacific Company and the Union Pacific Company. The Central Pacific Company laid tracks eastward from California and the Union Pacific Company laid tracks westward from Nebraska so one could meet.
  • Cowboy

    Cowboys were men who undertook long cattle drives along drives along trails. Their main job was with cattle, they got their style from Mexican Vaqueros. Important to rugged individualism.
  • Strucural Steel Bridge

    Strucural Steel Bridge
    James Buchannan Eads Finished the Bridge across Mississippi at St, Louis. He used steel supplied by Andrew Carnegie. He created a tripple arch design.
  • Telephone

    Telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. It drasticly changed how society back then communicated. There would be more communication around rural areas too because of the telephone.
  • Phonograph

    The phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison. The phonograph was crucially important because it opened a door for entertainment, and an escape from work and poverty.
  • Lightbulb

    Light bulb in 1878 was patented by Thomas Edison. There was an increase interest in the business for electricity in that time, because of it AC and DC electricity were also invented.
  • skycraper

    William Le Baron Jenney completed the 10 story home Insurance Company building. HE was the first to use Steel-girder construction. In the next 9 years , more than 20 skycrapers were built.
  • Motion Picture Camera

    Motion Picture Camera
    Motion Picture Camerca was also invented by Thomas Edison. This invention sparked an interest for creating movies, begining from where they were silent to when people actually sang in them.
  • Gasoline Powered Car

    Gasoline Powered Car
    The brothers Frank and Charles Duryea fabricate the first gasoline powered automobile built in the U.S.
  • Vaccum Cleaner

    Vaccum Cleaner
    The vaccum cleaner was invented in the 1900s. It was made useful so women could do their jobs faster and make more room for other things like work and entertainment.
  • Air Conditioning

    Air Conditioning
    Air Conditioning was a must for people in the US. Especially in the southern areas where the weather is hot.
  • Radio Broadcasting

    Radio Broadcasting
    As radios were introduced, radio broadcasting shows were beginning to become a common thing. They provided information like sports, weather, and news.
  • Washing Machine

    Washing Machine
    Washing Machines were also an invention that helped women primarily. They helped them wash quicker.
  • Model T

    Model T
    The Model T Automobile was introduced by Henry Ford. by 1927 , 15.5 million model Ts were sold in the U.S. Ford had great sucess due to his assembly line process. .
  • panama Canal

    panama Canal
    The panama canal cut the sailing distance from East coast to West coast by more than 8,000 miles.
  • Talkies

    Before, movies were silent, the acting was over exaggerated in order to get the messgae across. As technology advanced, the became auditory too and they were called talkies.
  • Jeep

    Karl k. Pabst produced a four wheel drive vehicle which was known as the jeep. The jeep was used for transportation throughout World War II.
  • Antibiotics

    Penicillin was discovered in 1942 as an antibiotic. This helped to improve the chances of someone surviving an infection at that time. This also declined the death rates in the US
  • Atomic Bomb

    Atomic Bomb
    In New Mexico, the first atomic bomb was invented. The purpose for it was for it to be dropped on Japan.
  • Levittowns

    Levittowns are the mass production of houses in the 1950s. All of these houses were known as Levittowns, they were needed for housing people coming back from WWII and that had children.
  • Polio Vaccine

    Polio Vaccine
    Polio was a life threatening disease. Thousands of Polio cases were found each year. The Polio vaccine helped eradicate in the US by the 1960s
  • Eisenhower Interstate Highway System

    Eisenhower Interstate Highway System
    The creation of the Highway system was considered necessary for homeland security. The president intended for the military to have an easy access for people to escape in case of sviet invasion. It also allowed for the growth of suburbs since travel routes were more quicker.
  • NASA

    Congress approved the creation of NASA in 1958, this allowed for scientists to begin competing in the space race. NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
  • Birth Control Pill

    Birth Control Pill
    The birth control pill was invented and caused many Americans to think that the old sexual mores of their parents were repressive. It sparked a wanted for privacy within women.
  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11
    In 1969 Apollo 11 was sent to the moon and came back successfully. This was a major goal that President Kennedy wanted to accomplish, how ever was done until after he was assasinated. This was a move in the space race.
  • Telephone

    In 1973, the first portable telephone was invented. It allowed Americans to communicate even if they weren't at home.
  • Star Wars

    Star Wars
    President Reagan pushed for the funding of the Strategic Defense System (SDI), more popularly known as Star Wars. It planned station satellites in orbit that could defend against nuclear attack with lasers. It was part of their fight with the Soviet Union.
  • Challenger

    There were many launches done by NASA, one of them was the Challenger. The Challenger was an eye opener because it exploded shortly after take off. It made Americana realize that space things were extremely dangerous.
  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    In the late 1980s the World Wide Web was introduced. It helped as another method of communication between people in the country and world.
  • Advancements in Health

    Advancements in Health
    There were many advancements in health. There was now organ transplants, artificial life support, and advanced drug therapy.