Machine Evolution By: Biswajit and Kaiden 8-17

  • Period: Mar 2, 1400 to

    Machine Evolution

  • Jan 1, 1440

    Printing Press

    The Printig press is one of the greates inventions of all time. IT allowed to create more books and news paper faster, it was very effcient. Before the printing press, books would have made by hand which took a long time. Furthermore, the printing press allowed books to become more affordable, espeacially during the Rennaisance.
  • Steam Engine

    The steam engine was invented bt Thomas Savery. The steam engine is one of the greatest engine of all, because it was a new source of energy and transportation. Forexample, the trains, many things in this worl are dependent on steam powered.
  • Period: to

    Industrial Revolution

  • Fridge

    The firdge was invented by Oliver Evans. The fridge help preserve our food so it can last longer. Without it the food we have wouldalways rot, or to preserve it you would bury it under ground.
  • Spinning Jenny

    The spinning Jenny was a vey useful invention during the Industrial Revolution. It was able to turn cotton into thread. This made faster to make clothes, and reduced slavery. The invetnor of spinning jenny isJames Hargreaves.
  • Cotton Gin

    Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin which separates cotton fibers from the seeds, so that they can make clothes. This invention is more efficrint to make clother and is better, caused less slavery to create clothes.
  • Bicycle

    Every rides a bike. Bike are fun, there are many kinds of them and diffrent bikes are used for diffrent things. Some are are used for transportations others are used for sports. Bike help us transport our self to anothrplace faster.
  • Telegraph

    The telegraph was invented by Samuel Morse to send messages using cords. This was a new way of communication.
  • Sewing Machine

    Elias Howe invented the sewing machine, in order to make clothes faster. The sewing machines are still used today to create clothes. The sewing machine is more effcient then using a needle and you hands to make clothes.
  • Dynamite

    Without dynamite there wouldn't be any rail ways, withour rail ways there wouldn't be any trains. Dynamite help make holes to comple a task. Weather for mining or making railways. This explosive was created by Alfred Noble.
  • Telephone

    The inventor of the telephone is Alexander Graham Bell. Without the telephine, long distance comuncation would have been hard, and would take along time to recieve and give messages. The telephone stoped that since you can call anywhere aanytime. Its also helpful for emergiencies. For example, you eed help because youare sicj, you can call the ambulance.
  • Phonograph

    The phonograph was the only sorce of entertaintment besides going to see a play or something. When the phonograph came, there was another way for people to entertain themself. The phonograph plays music, it was invented by Thomas Edison.
  • Light Bulb

    Without light bulb we wound be ablt to go outside late at night. Espeacially during the winter when the days are short. Light buulbs are the artificial light that helps us last our day longer, instead of going to bed as soon as its dark. It;s a source of light, and we need it. The light bulb was created by Thomas Edison.
  • Auto Mobile

    The automobile is a geat invention. It lets us trave faster and it is less tiring. You dont have to walk or have someone pull you tere. You can thank Karl Bemz for inventing the car. It helps humanity, a better way of transportation.
  • Radio

    Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio. Radio was a source of entertaintment, comunivation. The radio is very helpful. It can alert you if a storm is coming, or let youo listen to your favorite music. The radio was also used in war for sending messsages, so without it things would be diffrent.
  • Computer

    There are many inventors of the computer. The computers is used for all kinds of things. For example, for entertaintment, work research, news etc. Computers help us in pur everyday lives and the computers helped us on many discoveries. The compute was invented sometime in the 19 century.
  • Robbots/probes

    Robots and probes were invented in the 20 century. They can do things we can do or do tasks, that are too dangerous for us to do. Robots and probes are very helpful, we send them outerspace to discover planes, or underwaer to fixx a pipeline.
  • Air craft/plane

    The plane was created by the Wright brother. Plane is a way of traveling. Without planes we wouldnt be ab;e to travel by air. Traveling by land or water doesnt always work.
  • Microwave

    Pecy Spencer discovered the microwave by accident, whe he found out some chocolate was meltong in his pocket. The microwave is an imortant tool in life. it helps us warm up/cook food faster and saves us time.
  • Television

    Like the computer the television had many creators. TV, we see it almost everdy and everywhere. The tv is another source of entertaintment for many kind. The tv was invented between 1940--1950.
  • GPS

    The GPS was created between 1960-1976 by the U.S goverment, for military use. As time progessed, anyone can get one to see where they are going.
  • PS4

    The ps4 is the current genaration of consoles, and is he best one. PS4 is a new way to entertain youself and to keep you busy.