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Industrial Revolution

  • Period: to

    Trans-Atlantic slave trade

    Weapons and alcohol was sent from Europe to Africa. In Africa slaves were put on a boat and shipped to America. Also in Africa they sold slaves to their other tribes. slaves were sent from Africa to America. on the boats to transport the slaves from Africa to America they had some terrible conditions and the sailors and captains needed to keep the slaves alive and health. when they got to America they started to sell the slaves to the highest bidder. the buyers would fight for the best slaves.
  • Period: to

    Trans-Atlantic slave trade Pt.2

    When they set sail from America to Europe they brought things like rum, tobacco and sugar. When they arrived at Europe the ships prepared for voyages in ports like Liverpool. they sailed from ports with goods to trade in Africa for slaves.
  • The Steam Engine

    The Steam Engine
    The Steam Engine was made in 1698. It was made by Thomas Savery. The Steam Engine makes steam out of coal. it is used to power trains and make travel faster instead of just travelling by horse and carriages.
  • The Spinning Jenny

    The Spinning Jenny
    The spinning jenny was made in 1764 by James Hargreaves. this was created to spin cotton into thin thread. it was a wheel that had 8 spindles and spun long string of cotton into threads. the spinning jenny doesn't really get used as often as it did in the industrial revolution as we have more advanced technology to make threads.
  • The Water Frame

    The Water Frame
    The Water Frame was made in 1769. It was made by Richard Arkwright. The Water Frame was made to weave cotton. It weaved cotton to make jumpers, sweaters etc. Now days we don't use the Water Frame to make jumpers etc. we use it to make thread .
  • The Power Loom

    The Power Loom
    The Power Loom was made in 1783 by Edmund cartwright. This invention was made to make cotton. they made cotton to make clothes. these days there are more advanced ways of making cotton but the power loom was the main source to make cotton back in the industrial revolution.
  • Abolition of Slavery in England

    Abolition of Slavery in England
    in 1807 the Abolition of slavery was enforced in England. This was to stop all slavery and slave trades from happening. The government made it illegal to have and trade slaves as it was killing more people every year. Many people were unhappy about this as they thought having slaves made their life easier. they were very selfish people. Slavery was banned on the 25th of march in 1807.
  • The Computer

    The Computer
    The Computer was invented in 1822. The Inventor was Charles Babbage. The computer was invented to get information. People can also use it now days to message other people. the computer can look up almost anything and give you answers to any relevant question.
  • The Factory Act

    The Factory Act
    In 1833 the government put in place the factory act. it was to help improve the working situations for children and try and cut down using children for slavery. they made rules. some of them were that the children could not be under the age of nine, they were no to work at night, they needed 2 hours of schooling and that the employers had to have a certificate for their child workers.
  • The Telegraph

    The Telegraph
    The Telegraph was made in 1837. it was made by Samuel Morse. The Telegraph was used to transmit messages from long distances using a long wire. now days we dont really use the telegraph as we have faster ways of communication like telephone, texting and social media.
  • The Mines Act

    The Mines Act
    In 1842 The mines act was enforced. these were rules about some of the slavery workers. the government came up with more rules, not only about children but about all other workers too. some of these rules were that females were not allowed to work underground at any time, only males of the ages 10 and up were allowed to work underground and that parish apprentices between the ages of 10 and 18 could continue to work in the mines.
  • Dynamite

    Dynamite was invented in 1866. It was invented by Alfred Nobel. Dynamite has been used to explode things and knock things down. it is used now days to knock down buildings. it is also used as a mining tool to get to deeper places to mine.
  • The Telephone

    The Telephone
    The telephone was made in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. this is definitely used these days as almost everyone has at least one mobile. the telephone has definitely improved over the years and is now used for a lot more than just calling people. in the industrial revolution the telephone was used only to speak to people when you are not with them. the telephone was very old fashioned and is now very updated
  • The Automobile

    The Automobile
    the automobile was invented in 1885. it was invented by Karl benz. this was the first car. it let people travel around in smaller vehicles than trains and faster than a horse and carriage. the car has definitely updated as the time went by and is now the main transport for people all over the world. the automobile has made life easier for everyone to get places.
  • The Airplane

    The Airplane
    The Airplane was invented in 1903 by Orville and Wilbur Wright. Brother inventors. This invention lets people fly quite a distance to other places. it has helped humans learn different cultures and experience different places. The airplane has helped society a lot throughout the years as it has let people discover a lot more and lets people be able to see a lot of new things.