The Industrial Revolution

  • Starting Date

  • The Factory System, Samuel Slater

    Samuel Slater was born in 1768 in Derbyshire, England. He died in 1835. He was a manufacturer. He invented the Factory System. Which was machines built for mass production. A positive was you could produce more product, faster. A negative was the demand for more product which sent the slave demand sky rocketing.
  • The Cotton Gin, Eli Whitney

    Eli Whtney was born in Westboro, Mass. on Dec,8 1765 died in New Haven Conn. on Jan. 8 1825. He was a U.S engineer, inventor, and manufacturer. He invented the Cotton Gin, which basically removed all the lint from the cotton. The positive impact it had was it speeded up production of cotton based items. But the negative impact was that because it speeded up production, the demand for cotton increased and so as an effect of that the demand for slaves also shot sky high.
  • The American Steamboat, Robert Fulton.

    Robert Fulton was born on Nov. 14, 1765 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania adn died on Feb. 24, 1815. He was a U.S engineer and inventor. He invented The American Steamboat. It moved stuff and people around. The positive was it did just that,alot faster because it traveled up river. The nagative was that it was used against the U.S in The War of 1812.
  • The Telegraph, Samuel Morse

    Samuel Morse was born in April of 1791, and died April 1872. He was an inventer and painter. He invented the telegraph. It sent instant messages to other places way faster than a horse could. That was a positive impact. A negative impact was that not every town had it.
  • The Steel Plow, John Deere

    John was born in Rutland, Vermont on Feb. 7, 1804. He died in Moline, ill. on May 17, 1886. Deere was a blacksmith. He invented the steel plow. It was more sturdy than the cast iron plow and wouldnt break under the harsh friction of the prairie soil. A positive impact was it expanded the farming industry. But due to that it created a bigger slave demand.
  • The IPhone4S.

    This is the messaging of today.
  • Cotton is EVERYWHERE!

    it was a picture of a 100% cotton lable but it wouldnt upload.
  • The Modern Tractor

    the innovation of the steel plow
  • A Cruiseship.

    modern mode of transportation
  • United States factories in other countries.

    that where our modern day factory system is.
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