The history of the Congo

  • 500

    Small groups started moving to East Africa

    In 500 B.C.E small groups of people started moving from West Africa to East Africa. People like the Pygmies, Nilotes and Bantu started living in the Congo
  • Jan 1, 600

    More ethnic groups occupied the Central African region

    In 600 CE more ethnic groups started to occupy the Central African region. All the the region had its own different culture and languages.
  • Jan 1, 1480

    Portugeuese arrived in the Congo

    In the 1480's Portueguese arrived in the center of the Kongo kingdom. This is when slave trading began.
  • Jan 1, 1506

    King Alfonso becomes King

    In 1506 King Afonso became the king of the Kongo. He became a christian. And he sent one of his sons to study in Portugal. His son became the first black catholic bishop.
  • Jan 1, 1526

    King Alfonso writes letter.

    In 1526, king Alfonso wrote a letter to the Poruguese king about how the slave trade is affecting the congo
  • Europeans abandoned slave trade

    In early 1800s Europeans abandoned slave trade. But some countries continued. Many ethnic groups stopped their traditional activities to continue onto slave trade.
  • Exported slaves

    In 1860's Tanzania exported more than seventy thousands slaves.
  • New goods

    In the 1870s Europeans and Americans started producing goods faster with their new factories
  • Industrial Revolution

    Industrial Revolution didnt need slaves anymore. But they needed raw materails-- natural resources. Europeans started thinking more about Africa
  • The Conference.

    In September 1876 King Leopold had a gathering for explores and geographers.
  • King Leopold Conference

    King Leopold brings together explorers and geographers. They went to bring cilization to Africa. They formed International Africa Association.
  • Treaties

    1879- 1884 Stanley goes around and signs 450 treaties with Africans
  • France occupies Africa

    In 1883 France occupied countries such Algeria, Senegal, and Gabon and the Congo Republic
  • Stanley

    From 1879 to 1884 Stanley went to Central Africa to sign treaties on behalf of King Leopold.
  • Berlin Conference

    From 1884 to 1885, Otto von Bismarck organized a conference to be held in Berlin. The conference was to provide organizations for Africans.
  • Otto von Bismark

    Berlin Conference 3 goals for the conference was the three C's Commerce, Christianity, and Civilazation
  • New territory

    Leopold has a new territory called the Congo Free State. Leopold made up a law giving "vacant land" to the government.
  • Force Publique

    Leopold puts together an army titled Force Publique to control Congo. Cost about 3 million francs a year to keep control over the Congo
  • New Idea

    Leopold has a new idea to get new funds or money. His idea was to tax everyone in the anti slavery confrence. He wanted to use the money to fight slavery. Passes another law that states that Africans could only sell their products to the Belgium
  • Roger Casement

    In 1903 a british man Roger Casement investigated the Congo Free State