The History of Medicine

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  • 754

    The First Pharmacy

    The First Pharmacy
    the firs pharmacy was opened up in Baghdad where the pharmacist would prepare prescribed medicines by the physician. Having pharmacies aided the development of knowledge about drugs
  • 900


    clarified the anatomy of the trachea and approved of the operation, tracheotomy. Documented the importance of the spinal cord to the movement of limbs.
  • Nov 3, 900


    Discovered the difference between small pox and measels
  • 1300

    Islamic Hospitals

    Islamic Hospitals
    Several Muslim hospitals founded on the basis of the teachings in the Qur'an.
  • 1400

    Medical Care Regulations

    Physicians and doctors were licensed after formal training. Must have a license to practice medicine. The beginning of medical care regulations.
  • 1501


    the invention of the printing press allowed for information about new discoveries and publications to be able to spread quickly.
  • 1543

    Human Anatomy

    Human Anatomy
    Scientist started using dissection of corpses rather than animals to study human anatomy.
  • Scientific Method

    The use of the scientific method came into use during the sixteenth century , people began to look for the real causes of what they saw around them, rather than the supernatural to explain events and disease.
  • Robert Hooke built one of the first reflecting microscopes

    Robert Hooke built one of the first reflecting microscopes
    The medical developments during this time was made possible by inventions like the microscope. It allowed more accurate observation of patients and symptoms.
  • Discovery of blood cells

    Discovery of blood cells
    Anton Van Leeuwenhoek discovers blood cells
  • The first successful appendectomy

    Claudius Aymand performs the first successful appendectomy.
  • Edward Jenner

    Discovered the first vaccination.
  • Carbolic soap

    Carbolic soap
    Joseph Lister insisted on the use of carbolic soap to disinfect instruments and clean hands before doctors moved to another patient, medical asepsis.
  • Discovery of pathogens

    Robert Koch discovered that pathogens are the source of some diseases.
  • Outbreak of cholera is stopped

    John Snow stops the outbreak of cholera with the discovery that it was in the water system in major cities like London
  • Cholera

    the first vaccine developed for cholera.
  • Contacts

    The first contact lenses developed
  • Wihelm Conrad Roentgen

    Wihelm Conrad Roentgen
    discovers x-rays
  • Classification of blood

    Karl Landsteiner introduces the system to classify blood into A, B, AB, and O groups.
  • Insulin

    Insulin first used to treat diabetes.
  • Diphtheria

    First vaccine developed for diphtheria
  • Tuberculosis

    First vaccine developed for tuberculosis
  • Tetanus

    First vaccine developed for tetanus
  • Sir Alexander Fleming

    Sir Alexander Fleming
    discovers penicillin
  • Draft Sequencing

    Draft Sequencing
    Scientists announced they had completed a draft sequencing of the human genome, or all the genes that make up our DNA.
  • Cancer

    First vaccine to target a cause of cancer.
  • Stem Cells

    Stem cells can be programmed to become any type of cell in the body.
  • Papillomavirus Vaccine

    Papillomavirus Vaccine
    The FDA approved the first human papillomavirus vaccine, called Gardasil.
  • Connie Culp

    The first full-face transplant done in the United States was performed on Connie Culp.
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    Dec 31, 1500

    Middle Ages

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    Jan 1, 1501


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