The History of Medicine

  • Louis Pasteur

    Louis Pasteur
    Louis Pasteur was born. Pasteur contributed much to modern medicine, especially his development of the germ theory and creation of vaccines
  • Sanitation

    Ignaz Semmelweis required his helpers and himself to wash hands inbetween patients they helped give birth. This process saved many lives and reduced the risk of disease in newborns and their mothers
  • Women in Medicine

    Women in Medicine
    Florence Nightingale paved the way for woman to work in the medical field
  • The X Ray

    The X Ray
    The first X Ray image was accidentally created by Whilhelm Conrad Rontgen
  • Blood Groups

    Blood Groups
    Blood groups were formed to make blood infusions possible and more availble
  • Period: to

    Timespan of Medicine

  • Penicillin

    Alexander Fleming found that penicillin can fight bacteria. This discovery was used to help fight bacteria in diseases
  • National Health Service (NHS)

    National Health Service (NHS)
    Britian founded the National Health Service to help every person in the country to get medical care
  • Pacemaker

    The first pacemaker was invented
  • Laser Eye Surgery

    Laser Eye Surgery
    The first laser was used in eye surgery
  • Smallpox Irradicated

    Smallpox Irradicated
    The World Health Organization announced that the virus that causes smallpox had been irradicated