The History of Basketball

  • The Invention of Basketball

    The Invention of Basketball
    Canadian physical educator, James Naismith, invented the game of "basket ball', being played with peach baskets and a soccer ball, at an YMCA in Springfield, Ma. which is now Springfield College.
  • Games Go Public

    Students and workers from the School for Christian Workers played the first public game of Basket Ball
  • Hoop Hoop Hoop

    Hoop Hoop Hoop
    Iron hoops and hammock style baskets are now introduced.
  • Lets Bring the Girls In

    Lets Bring the Girls In
    Smith College in Massachusetts becomes the first womens school to play Basket Ball introduced by Senda Berenson. Men were not allowed to watch them.
  • Spalding & Bros.

    Spalding & Bros.
    Spalding & Bros. Naismith asks Saplding to create the first ever Basket Ball.
  • Rules

    Rules Clara Gregory Baer makes the first rule book for womens basketball.
  • Lets Move it Up

    History of Free Throws The free throw line is now moved from a 20ft. distance from the goal to 15ft. and is now only worth 1 point.
  • The Backboard

    The Backboard
    The Backboard In 1895 was when the backboard was created. Before they would hang baskets off the balconies which allowed fans to interfere with the play.
  • College Time

    College Time
    College Time On this day the first college basketball game was played. The University of Iowa invited athletes from the newly opened University of Chicago for an experimental game.
    Chicago-15 Iowa-12
  • On the Cover

    On the Cover
    On the Cover Womens basketball is featured on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post
  • Its out!

    This is when the "throw in" was first introduced. The opponent of the last player to touch the ball before it went out of bounds is given a throw in.
  • Lets Make it One

    The given name Basket Ball is now turned into one word, Basketball.
  • Jersey Number

    Jersey Number
    Jersey Number Players are now required to wear numbers on the back of their jersey's.
  • Olympics

    Olympics Mens Basketball is brought to the summer olympics in 1936 which were held in Berlin.
  • Bringing Home the Gold

    Bringing Home the Gold
    Bringing Home the Gold The USA mens basketball team wins the gold medal in the first ever olympic basketball run.
  • No More Laces

    No More Laces
    No More Laces The laces on the Spalding basketballs were removed.
  • Bring It to Televison

    Bring It to Televison
    The first ever basketall game to be televised was actaully a college game played by Fordham and the University of Pittsburgh.
  • NBA is Born

    NBA is Born
    NBA is Born The NBA was founded in New York City where a group of owners met to talk about upbringing a new league.
  • First NBA Game

    First NBA Game
    First NBA Game The first game of the first season was held at Maple Leaf Garden where the New York Knicks played the Toronto Huskies.
  • All-Star Game

    All-Star Game
    All-Star Game The first ever All-Star game was at the Boston Garden. The all star game consist of the leagues best players on the western and eastern conference going head to head.
  • Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame
    James Naismith was inducted into the Basket Ball hall of fame which was then called, Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame.
  • First 3-Pointer

    First 3-Pointer
    First 3-Pointer With the score 118-116 Jerry Harkness made the first ever NBA 3-point shot, With the new rule in place many of the fans thought he had tied the game when he actaully won it.
  • Changing the Ball

    Changing the Ball The Offical NBA playing ball is moved from 4 panels to 8 panels.
  • Women to the Olympics

    Women to the Olympics
    Women to the Olympics The women make their debut in the Summer Olympics in Montreal.
  • The Womens Turn

    The Womens Turn
    The Womens Turn The Womens US basketball team takes home their first olympic gold medal in 1984
  • Pros To Olympics

    Pros To Olympics
    Pros To Olympics Professional basketball players were now allowed to go to the olympics. Creating the "Dream Team" included Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.
  • WNBA

    On this day the Womens professional basketball league was founded. It was approved by the NBA board members.
  • A New Ball

    A New Ball
    A New Ball Spalding made the WNBA's signature orange and oatmeal basketball. It was also a collegiate size ball.
  • Womens Tip Off

    Womens Tip Off
    Womens Tip Off The first WNBA was played by the New York Liberties and the Los Angeles Sparks at the Great Western Forum in California.
  • Womens Hall of Fame

    Womens Hall of Fame
    The Womens Hall of Fame is opened in Knoxville, TN.