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The History of Basketball

  • The Game of Basketball was invented!

    The Game of  Basketball was invented!
    Basketball History Basketball was invented by James Naismith born in November 6,1861.Naismith was a P.E teacher at a school called now springfield college he inrouduced the game when he was an instructor there in Springfield,Massachusetts. He started the game because he wanted his students to be more active.
  • The Ball

    The Ball
    The Basket-ball At first basketball was played with a soccer ball. The first manufactured ball was in 1894. later on people developed a new ball which neede laces to hold it in place in 1948 the laces where taken off. In 1949 the new ball was ruled to be used for all basketball games.
  • The Free Throw LIne

    The Free Throw LIne
    The Line In 1894 the free throw line- which is the line that seperates the player from making a shoot because of a foul, was moved from 20Ft. to 15 Ft.Later in the year the ponint was changed to 1 point for a free throw.
  • Backboard

    The Backboard The Backboard was introduced to basketball. It was not until 1904 that the back Board was changed from wood to Wire, but in 1909 they started useing plate-glass Backboards, the ones that are used today and they are both the same height (10Ft.).
  • Five Players

    Five Players
    Players The number of players to play at a court (5 players) was established in 1895.later in 1897 it was part of a rule.since back then there was not a lot of room to play in and there were many players the game was put a rule to have onle 5 players for each team.
  • The 1st Pro-game

    The 1st Pro-game
    The Game The first proffesional game was in Trenton,New Jersey. It was Trenton YMCA Vs. Brooklyn YMCA.back then it was rare when teams had to travel for a game because all games were local, but not this one. eventually Trento beat Brooklyn by 15-1.
  • The Dribble

    The Dribble
    dribbling Back the dribbling was not part of the game which didn't make sense.In 1901,after defineing dribbling-"continous passage of ball" players were alowed to dribble.
  • The Sec. Rule

    The  Sec. Rule
    Seconds Three Second rule - prohibits the offensive players in the opponents team basket for more than 3 seconds was established .
  • Basketball was Played in the Olympics

    Basketball was Played in the Olympics
    Olympics 1936 Basketball was first played in the Olympics in August 1-16 ,1936. The Olympic Games where played at Berlin ,Germany where the United States beats Canada for the gold meadal.
  • NCAA

    The NCAA is the college basketball team.It first started in 1939 by National association of basketball coaches which started the first NCAA tournament.
  • The First Game

    The First Game
    The Game In 1940 the first basketball game was televised from the madison square garden.It was Fordham vs. The university of Pittsburg.(Pittsburg won 57-37)
  • BAA

    The Basketball Association of america is formed.
  • BAA Championship

    BAA Championship
    The first BAA championship was won by the philidelphia Warriors which beat the chicago stags by four games to one.
  • The NBA

    The NBA

    The NBA was first called Basketball Association of America(BAA) which was founded in june 6,1946.Both the BAA and NBL both formed the National Basketball Association which is now known as.
  • All-Star Game

    All-Star Game
    All-Star The first NBA All-star game was in Boston,Massachusetts at the boston garden. The east conference played against the west conference. these two teams were the best at that time eventually the east won the west by 111-94.
  • Minneapolis Lakers

    Minneapolis Lakers
    The Lakers are the first team to win the championship three times in a row.
  • Shot Clock

    Shot Clock
    The Seconds The Shot Clock was introduced by the NBA to make the Basketball Games Longer and for each team to have higher scores which from they already have. The team was also given tweenty-four seconds to make a shoot.
  • Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame
    Hall of Fame The Basketball Hall of fame was founded at Springfield,Massachusetts. The Hall of fame is a very enormous Honor for the Basketball players. Its where player and coches get recognized for their major achievements.
  • The ABA

    The ABA
    The ABAThe American Basketball Association (ABA) was once a basketball league having about 32 teams. Like the Texas Chaparrals, Carolina cougars, Denver nuggets, and the San antonio spurs just to name some.
  • The Lakers

    The Lakers
    The L.A Lakers win 33 games in a row having more consecutive wins for an NBA record.
  • Bob Douglas

    Bob Douglas
    Hall of Famers Robert L."Bob" Douglas was the coach of the New York Renaissance. He was known as "The father of black professional basketball". His team won over 2,500 games. He also coched 2 famous players named; Charles"tarzan" Cooper and William "pop" Gates
  • The End

    The End
    The ABA The ABA was ended because of an agreement made with the NBA. Since the NBA was getting more famous a lot of fans didn't pay to much attention to the ABA, but their was still fans of the ABA.
  • Earvin "Magic" Johnson

    Earvin "Magic" Johnson

    "Magic" Johnson was drafted by the L.A Lakers in 1979.He was MVP-three times and an All-star for tweelve times,just to name a few awards.he was 6.9 feet makeing him one of the tallest point guard.he was also part of the dream team which won the gold meadal in the 1992 Olympics.he was so good that people were amazed about how he could make many moves when he was so tall, they called it -Magic.
  • How much did they Score ? !!!

    How much did they Score ? !!!
    The Game The Detroit Piston Beats the Denver Nuggets by 186-184.
    Making it the highest scored game in NBA History!
  • Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan
    Jordan "Air Jordan" was drafted by the chicago bulls in 1984. He was rookie of the year,NBA Mvp five times,and NBA All-star fourteen times,just to name some.He was one of the best-basketball players in history.
  • The 3 point line

    The 3 point line
    Lines The three point line was putt on the court in 1986. For Men the 3 point-line changed from 19ft. to 20 ft.,but for women it is still the same. The rule is that the player can score three ponts if the player is in the three point line in order to get the 3 points.
  • The Refs

    The Refs
    Ref's In 1988 the NBA added a third refere to the game. They added the third refere to have a better close look to the players to see if anything was being missed that the other two refs didnt see.
  • The ABL

    The ABL
    ABL The American Basketball league started. It was a women's basketball league it had teams like the Columbus cuest, Colorado xplosion, and the Seattle reign just to name a few.Later in the years it ended because of the start of the women's NBA.
  • Girl Power!!!

    Girl Power!!!
    WNBA The NBA starts the Womens Nation Basketball League (WNBA)
  • Non-American drafted player

    Non-American drafted player
    Yao ming was the heighest non-american player drafted by the Houston Rockets in 2002.