Michael jordan

Michael Jordan

  • Birth

    Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York, United States. He is son of Deloris Jordan y James R. Jordan.
  • Wilmington

    Michael was just 7 years old when Deloris and James Jordan decided to move from Brooklyn to Wilmington, North Carolina, in 1970, and build a basket in the back of their house, they never thought about the monster they could be creating.
  • Middle High School

    Middle High School
    From a very young age he began to stand out in the sports field, but curiously it was not with a basketball in his hands, but rather with a baseball bat and the first sports awards came to him at the Trask Middle High School stage, in 1975 He won the prestigious Mr. Baseball of the “Dixie Young Baseball Association”, a tournament in which he was crowned MVP, for which he had the privilege of being invited to the famous Mickey Owens Camp, for promising young baseball of school age.
  • Football

    At the end of this school stage, he had earned the Outstanding Athlete certificate, a merit for those young athletes who stood out in a specific modality, well, Michael also obtained it in Football, and Basketball in 1977.
  • High School

    High School
    In his first year of high school, Jordan continued to excel in baseball and football. At the moment, the world of basketball didn't appeal to him enough to take the plunge, and try to be on the high school team. But as the confrontations with his brother became even, Jordan's competitive spirit increased, the decision for his second year at Laney was clear, he wanted to be part of that team.
  • The first team

    The first team
    Michael was eager to join the basketball team, so he tried out with his best friend Leroy Smith, however he never saw his name on that list where they were selected. The reasons given to Michael by coach Cliff "Pop" Herring, was that he didn´t think he could contribute much to the team with his height of (1.80).
  • The first team

    The first team
    Later his dad told him "Your greatness is inside, you can be as great as you want to be in your thoughts." So he decided to ask the coach to accompany the team, but the coach told him that only as an acuteor. His father upon learning of this told him "The dream is born in the heart, rises to the mind, and spreads through the extremities." So he decided to played in Laney's Junior Varsity, the second team with the aim of being able to access the following year.
  • North Carolina

    North Carolina
    Just before his graduation in 1981, the University of North Carolina recruited him on a full scholarship, where he specialized in geography. In his first year he was trained by the legendary Dean Smith, and was named the best rookie player of the season.
  • The first success

    The first success
    In the 1982 NCAA Championship final against Georgetown University, Jordan gave the Tar Heels victory with a two-point jump basket just seconds from the end to win the championship, the first success in his impeccable professional career.
  • Chicago Bulls

    Chicago Bulls
    He was subsequently elected All-American of the NCAA in the 1982-83 and 1983-84 seasons, and won the award for best college player of the year and the John R. Wooden Award in the 1983-1984 season. He dropped out of college that same year to appear for the NBA Draft. The Chicago Bulls selected Jordan in third position.
  • He can do it all

    He can do it all
    In the summer of 1984, when Michael Jordan was already known in the United States with the nickname "He can do it all", he was part of one of the best North American basketball teams that won the gold medal at the Games. Olímpicos de Los Ángeles (1984), after beating the Spanish national team in the final.
  • The top scorer

    The top scorer
    He was the top scorer in ten seasons, averaged 32 points per game, an absolute NBA record, and was voted best player in 1988 and 1991
  • Olympic event

    Olympic event
    Once again elected best player of the year, he attended his second Olympic event in Barcelona 92, the first games in which, due to a change in the regulations, professionals were allowed to participate.
  • His father passes away

    His father passes away
    In October 1993, after the murder of his father, he gave up basketball.
  • 1995

    He returned to the NBA in March 1995 and again became the star of the Chicago Bulls. When he returned, the NBA did not allow him to wear number 23, which had been retired from the Chicago Bulls. But shortly after, the superstitious Jordan requested it as a special favor, and those responsible for the tournament allowed him to play with the mythical number.
  • 1996

    On June 16, 1996, he won the MVP of those Finals, his fourth of six and, above all, he was able to connect with his father, offer him his ring, the most valuable of the six they wear in his career.
  • Space Jam

    Space Jam
    In 1997, he starred in the film, a mixture of animation and real images, Space Jam (with Bugs Bunny as a co-star), which became a huge box office success, and announced the creation of a sportswear company that bears his name.
  • Washington Wizards

    Washington Wizards
    In early 1999 he announced his retirement from active sport, but he still returned to top competition with the Washington Wizards, continuing to add records to his impressive statistics between October 2001 and April 2003, the date of his final retirement.
  • Retirement

    It was on April 16, 2003, that Jordan played his last NBA game on a visit to Philadelphia, where he was fired with a standing ovation of several minutes.
  • Today

    He is now a member of the Forbes list of the greatest billionaires with an estimated fortune of $ 1.65 billion.
    Jordan bought the Charlotte Hornets for $ 275 million in 2010. Now they are worth more than $ 1 billion and he owns 90% of the franchise.
    Today he is living in Florida and was built next to one of the largest golf courses in the area, The Bear's Golf Club, which was created by golfer Jack Nicklaus.