Ifwt nba big

NBA Where BIG happens !

  • The birth of NBA

    The birth of NBA
    The NBA was forrmed by two rivels the organiazations , the Narional Basketball League and the Basketball Association of America.
  • Easy lay up

    Easy lay up
    The first basket in the NBA was done by Ossie Shectmen
  • Short shorts

    Short shorts
    The NBA clothes style was that good they weared short shorts and raggy clothes with no tpe of grip shoes :chucks)
  • 11 rings !

    11 rings !
    Bill russel was a center for the Bosten Celtcs and a monster in the NBA wining 11 rings
  • 100 point

    100 point
    Wilt Chamberlain made 100 points a all time recored in the NBA
  • Only 17

    Only 17
    The NBA only had 17 or less teams in the begining
  • The new rookies/legends came

    The new rookies/legends came
    Magic johnson and Larry bird came into the NBA and lead their team back to back NBA Championshiops
  • Baksetball god

    Baksetball god
    Michael jordan went into the NBA team Chicago Bulls ans started his legacy and changed the NBA by improving the basket ball shorts and shoes
  • The free throw line

    Mj made a impossable dunk that shock the world from the free throw in slam dunk contest
  • Small but good

    Small but good
    Muggsy Bongues was the smallest player that ever playerd the NBA but yet he ws still good even tho this size wasnt that big
  • Impossable

    Michael made an impossable basket which is still known today that won em the 1st NBA championship
  • Dream team

    Dream team
    In the olympics the NBA made a perfect team called "The dream team" with 12 legends Caption of course was MJ
  • Good bye legend

    Good bye legend
    Magic johnson was an all time great but found out that he had HIV and retired from the game
  • Big 3

    Big 3
    Paxson made a big play that game that made the Bulls win is straight 3ed ring. Only 3.5 sec left Paxson has the ball and made a 3 pointer !
  • One side piss the other really happy

    One side piss the other really happy
    Dikembe Mutombo a big name and big guy he was the reason that the Trail blazers won the 94' game vs the Supersonics which was the biggest upset in the NBA.
  • Im back

    Im back
    Mj had left basketball for baseball but then relized he really misst it so came back. He played the Knicks and showed he was really back
  • The last ride ally oop !

    The last ride ally oop !
    The final NBA championship shaq got was with Kobe they won it by and ally oop.
  • Last time

    Last time
    Michael jordan retired again but this time came back and was with the Wizards not the Bulls !
  • Hey i might come back

    Hey i might come back
    Mj officially retired and said this quete "One day you might look up and see me playing the game at 50," Jordan said. "Don't laugh."
  • The king

    The king
    Lebron james was the first round pick in the NBA draft of 03'
  • 81 points

    81 points
    Kobe made 81 points that day vs the Toronto rapters highest points scored this centery
  • USA team

    USA team
    In this year the NBA made a new team for the olympics which were all ther good players in the NBA now
  • D wade First ring

    D wade First ring
    D wade was a great player so great he got the Miami heat to a NBA championship
  • HOUSTON rockets

    HOUSTON rockets
    The Houston rockets had a 22 streak win
  • Sad lost

    Sad lost
    The Heat returned for a 2ed championship vs the dallas lebron did his best but lost the game over one game.
  • 27 new recoed

    27 new recoed
    Miami heat have beat the record of most wins without a lost which is 27
  • Heat

    The Heat won another championship over the spurs
  • 3ed time

    3ed time
    The Heat played agenst the Thunder and won it all for another Ring
  • The road to another chamopionship

    The road to another  chamopionship
    Miami heat is right now 2ed in their divison ESPNare saying they are going to be in the finals if they keep playing as good as they are playing right now
  • Most injured

    Most injured
    This year the most NBA players werre most injured then any other year