History of bball

History Of Basketball

  • Who Invented Basketball?

    Who Invented Basketball?
    James Naismith invented basketball in 1891. He needed a new sport to play indoors because the winter conditions in Massachusetts were too harsh to play any type of outdoor sports.
  • First Official Game

    First Official Game
    The first game was played in Albany, New York in a local YMCA gym with only 9 players.
  • What was used to first play basketball

    What was used to first play basketball
    A soccer ball and a peach basket was used for the first two years. Then the first basketball was sold in stores in 1894.
  • First Ever Pro League

    First Ever Pro League
    The first ever pro league was the National Basketball League created in 1898.
  • First Game Televised

    First Game Televised
    W2XBS televised a men's college basketball game at Madison Square Garden where Fordham vs University of Pittsburgh played each other.
  • Inventor Of The 3 Point Line

    Inventor Of The 3 Point Line
    Herman Sager came up with the idea of a 3 point line that rewarded the people that could shoot from a long range.
  • NBA

    The NBA was founded on June 6, 1946 in New York City. The adopted the NBA after merging with the NBL. The person on the logo is 6 time NBA champion Jerry West.
  • The First NBA made basket

    The First NBA made basket
    The first basket was made by Ossie Schectman of the Knickerbockers know as the New York Nicks today.
  • Basketball Size

    Basketball Size
    The official basketball size was confirmed in 1948 which is 29.5 for men and 28.5 for women.
  • Most Points In A NBA Game

    Most Points In A NBA Game
    Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points on March 2, 1962 against the New York Knicks while playing for the Philadelphia Warriors at the Hershey's Sports Arenas
  • Team With The Most NBA Championships

    Team With The Most NBA Championships
    The Boston Celtics has 17 NBA Championship Titles, winning 8 straight championships (1959-1966)
  • Naismith Hall Of Fame

    Naismith Hall Of Fame
    The Naismith Hall Of Fame was created in Springfield, Massachusetts
  • Highest Scoring NBA Game

    Highest Scoring NBA Game
    The highest scoring game was on December 13, 1983 when the Detroit Pistons defeated the Denver Nuggets in Triple OT with a total of 370 points (186-184)
  • Muggsy Bouse and Spud Webb

    Muggsy Bouse and Spud Webb
    Muggsy Bouse and Spudd Webb were two big impacts for the game of basketball. They gave hope to smaller people and showed that height didn't matter in the NBA.
  • Arguably The Best Player Ever

    Arguably The Best Player Ever
    Michael Jordan is one of the greatest players to ever play basketball. His earning of Rookie Of The Year, 5 Time MVP, Olympic Gold Metallist, 10 time All NBA First Time, 9 time Defensive First Time,and 14 time all star. He is one biggest impacts of basketball. He came into the NBA with his own style and every kid wanted to be like him.
  • Allen Iverson

    Allen Iverson
    Allen Iverson had his unique style of play where he was known for his crossover and his the way he dressed. He started the trend of wearing baggy shorts and and a headband. His most famous play was when he crossed Michael Jordan and made the basket. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3X274lz3wY
  • Stephen Curry

    Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry changed the game of basketball by showing off his ability to shoot the ball from a long distance. He holds the record of most 3s in a game (13 threes) and in a season
  • 2 teams that impacted basketball

    2 teams that impacted basketball
    The Warriors and the Bulls impacted the game with their ball movement and how the Warriors can shoot from almost anywhere on the court.
  • 5 Corporations

    5 Corporations
    Reebok, Adidas, State Farm, Nike, and Stance. Reebok was the original sponsor of the NBA then in 2006 Adidas was the official sponsor of the NBA for 11 years until Nike signed a deal in 2017. State Form is also a sponsor and their commercials are linked with NBA players. Stance is the official sponsor for the NBA socks.
  • Fan Base/Statistics

    Fan Base/Statistics
    The NBA's Fan Base is primarily in U.S. because this where the sport is most popular. They target people of any age that love basketball. Statistics: Russell Westbrook broke the all time record for most triple doubles (42) in a season. Hassan Whiteside averaged the most rebounds this 2016-2017 and James Harden averaged the most assist.