History Of Professional Basketball

  • The Original Basketball Rules

    The Original Basketball Rules
    The 13 original basketball rules were used in the first professional basketball game. Original Rules- ( )
  • First Professional Game Ever played

    First Professional Game Ever played
    Happened on November 7th 1896
    The game was played between Trenton vs Brooklyn
    It was played in Trenton, New Jersey
    Each player got $15. But the best player, Fred Cooper got $16
    Trenton defeated Brooklyn 15-1
  • The NBL forms

    The NBL forms
    NBL was formed in 1937 and had a 12 year run until it merged with the BAA and turned into the NBA. The NBL consisted of 32 teams
  • Celtics

    The Celtics were a team that formed in 1946 and was part of the BAA. They formed in Boston and acquired the name "Celtics" and never changed. The Celtics have the most championship wins in the history of the NBA with 17.
  • Lakers

    Lakers started in 1946 and they were part of the NBL. They were originally the Detroit Gems but moved to Minnesota a year later and they changed their name to the Lakers because Minnesota was "The land of 10,000 Lakes". Lakers are one of the greatest teams in NBA history. They have 16 championships which is second most in history.
  • Warriors

    The warriors were formed in 1946 and originated in Philly. Later in 1962, they moved to San Francisco. They were the San Fran warriors until 1971. From then up until now they are know as the Golden State Warriors and all together they have won 5 titles.
  • Hank Biasatti

    Hank was the first foreign player to play in the NBA. He was Born in Italy and he was raised in Canada and he is the first international player to play in the NBA.
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    To play basketball all a player needs is shoes to give you grip and ankle support, You have to wear the proper uniform for your team and a recommended but not optional mouthpiece. Accessories that you can wear are legging, arm bands, sweatbands finger tape...etc
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    NBA outlook

    I think the NBA will last for years. Since each team makes almost the same amount of revenue than it is possible for each team to make the right moves and become a super team. yes the warriors are a big team and it looks like no team can compete with them besides the Celtics, But I don't think that that will destroy the NBA
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    Media has changed the sport and it has changed all sports. Players in the NBA start beef over twitter and it starts rivalries and it challenges players to play at highly competitive levels (Joel Embiid, Lavar Ball and Lonzo... etc)
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    Financial Situation

    The NBA has big markets and small markets. For example, the Warriors are a giant market and the Bucks are a small market. but the revenue each team makes is pooled in and split evenly. This is a big issue for giant teams and small teams. Small teams can do poor but still get as much money as any other team.
  • The NBA formed

    The NBA formed
    The BAA and the NBL merged together to form the NBA
  • Wilt Chamberlain

    Wilt Chamberlain
    Wilt was the first player in nba history to have a 100 point game and he is the only player. He has scored over 60 points, 32 times. He was the first big man to be able to shoot from the outside, the inside and drive through the lane to score. There were new rules created because of him too.
  • Bulls

    They started out in Chicago on January 1st 1966 and stayed there ever since. They are home of some of the greatest basketball players and the greatest of all time Michael Jordan. They have had some the best NBA seasons and they have 6 titles all brought by Michael Jordan
  • Moses Malone

    Moses Malone
    Moses Malone was the first NBA player to be signed straight out of highschool
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    Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan is the best player to ever play. Michael Jordan has 6 championship wins and he won MVP in all of them. He is also the first athlete to accumulate 1 billion dollars.
  • Heat

    The heat was a team formed in Miami. They were formed in 1988 as an expansion team and they have only won 3 titles since then
  • The Dream Team

    This is the start of the professional game of basketball playing the Olympics. This was a part of international expansion because they played foreign teams in foreign places. The allowed foreign players in the NBA rose after the Dream Team started playing in the Olympics.
  • Yao Ming

    Yao Ming
    Yao Ming was the first basketball player to be drafted number 1 overall and never play college in the United States. He was also the tallest player to ever play in the league, standing at 7 feet 6 inches