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Michael Jordan

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  • Born & Birthday

    Born & Birthday
    Born in Brooklyn, New York. Son of parents James & Deloris Jordan.
  • Moving

    The family later moved to North Carolina, when michael was 7 years old.
  • High School

    High School
    Michael attended Emsley A. Laney High School. Jordan's sophmore year of high school he was cut from his basketball, but practiced and came back junior year and was accepted.
  • College

    Michael accepted a basketball scholarship to the University of North Carolina, and played under coach Dean Smith.
  • Period: to

    College Basketball

    Michael won multiple awards. He won the ACC rookie of the year award. His team then later won the ACC championship. sophmore year he led the ACC in scoring, and both his sophmore and junior year he won the player of the year.
  • NBA Draft

    NBA Draft
    Michael left junior year of college to enter in the NBA draft. He was selected by the Chicago Bulls third pick of the draft. Michael before joining the league he was a member of the United States basketball team that won gold in los, angles california
  • First Year of NBA

    First Year of NBA
    Michael turned the chicago bulls around with his fierce play, incrediable hangtime, and leaping ability. He was picked to be on the all-star team, and was named the league's rookie of the year.
  • Period: to

    Second Season

    Michael broke his foot and sat 64 games during this seaon. He returned for his first game against the celtics and scored 49 points and 63points in the second game a playoff record. During this tiem jordan went back the university of north carolina to finish his fourth year.
  • Third season

    Third season
    His next season jordan started in the all-star game and became the first player since wilt chamberlin to score 3,000 points in a single season.
  • 1988 playoffs

    1988 playoffs
    Chicago never made it past the first round of the playoffs untill the 1988 season. Michael was named the Defensive player of the year. He also was named the league mvp and first player to lead the league in both scoring & steals.
  • First son was born

    First son was born
    Micahel's son Jeffery Michael Jordan was born.
  • Marriage

    Michael Jordan then got married to his wife juanita.
  • Second son

    Second son
    Michael's second son Marcus James Jordan was born.
  • Championship

    The chicago bulls added Scottie Pippen, Bill Cortwright, Horace Granty, and John Paxson to help jordan. That year the bulls won the NBA championship title winning over the Trail Blazers.
  • Olympics

    Michael played for the Dream Team in barcelona.
  • First daughter born

    First daughter born
    Jasmine Mickael Jordan was born.
  • Second Championship title

    Second Championship title
    The bulls met the phoenix suns to play in the championship game. Jordan was again named the MVP.
  • Father Murdered

    Father Murdered
    Michael's father is murdered from an armed robber.
  • Retirement

    Micahel announces that he wanted to retire and take a break from basketball.
  • Period: to


    Jordan then decided to join a baseball team. He played for the Birmingham minor league baseball team in the chicago white sox system.
  • He returns

    He returns
    Jordan realizes why he fell in love with the game of basketball and comes back to play.
  • Bulls Best Season.

    Bulls Best Season.
    When the bulls season ended, they finshed with a 72-10 record, the most wins in a regular season winning the 4th championship. Michael also got his eight scoring title and became the 10th NBA player to score 25,000 piont and 2nd fastes after wilt chamberlin to reach that limit.
  • Contract

    Micahel was ranked the worlds highest paid athlete with a $30million contract and largest one year salary in sports history. he was a little rusty from the break, but still managed to beat the magic in the playoffs and later named the MVP.
  • Period: to

    Rough Seaons

    Michael and the bulls were on a roll winning their 5th NBA chapionship, but it want easy at all. The fith game Michael played with a stomach virus, but still a good game. Next season was also a tough season, but the bulls still managed to clinch another title.
  • Retires Again

    Retires Again
    Michael retires again ending his career on a high note. Many people after saw him as the greatest player ever to play the game. When he retired they called it an end of an era, because he was that amazing.
  • Outside the NBA

    Michael at this time decided to become part-owner and president of thebasketball poerations of the washington wizards. He was the third Afrian-American owner in the NBA. He aslo gaimned ownership stake in the washington capitals hocey team. Michael celebrated the 1st year of the 1milliondollar grant program to help teachers make a difference in their classes.
  • ESPY Award

    ESPY Award
    Michael was awarded the Athlete of the Decade award, the Athlete of the century award, Pro basketballer award, and the Play of the Decade award.
  • Tired of being Retired

    Tired of being Retired
    Michael decided after 3 years that he wanted to come to the NBA and play. The wizards picked him up to play.
  • Family problems

    Family problems
    Michaels wife juanita filed for divorced. By 2006 the married couple got divorced after 17 years.