History Of Basketball

  • 13 Rules

    13 Rules
    Dr. James Naismith created 13 different rules so that each team could have en equal opportunity to win.
  • First true game

    First true game
    The first true basketball game as we know was in Springfield, Massachusetts. Doctor James Naismith invented the game for the YMCA to play during the winter months.
  • rules

    The number of players in total in a basketball game was 18 players , such as 9 players on a team . 30 minutes per game, Now in modern time there can be up to 12 players a game,
  • Womens Basketball

    Womens Basketball
    Smith College in Massachusetts becomes the first women's school to play basket ball. Men are not allowed to watch the games.
  • First intercollegiate

    First intercollegiate
    The first intercollegiate game with five players on each team happened in Iowa City, Iowa on January 16th, 1896, when the University of Chicago defeated the University of Iowa 15 to 12.
  • The Basketball Hopp

    The Basketball Hopp
    they shot a soccer ball at wooden peach baskets hung ten feet above the floor. Players had to use a ladder to remove the ball from the basket after every shot made.Metal rims with nets soon replaced the wooden baskets ,players cut holes in the nets in 1906 to allow the ball to pass straight through the hoop.
  • NCAA

    NCAA was founded in Chicago in 1906. The first NCAA Men's College Basketball Championship tournament was held before 5,500 fans in Evanston, Illinois in 1939. That year, Oregon beat Ohio State 46 to 33 in the final game to win the national championship.
  • First Basketball Game On Tv

    First Basketball Game On Tv
    The first basketball game is televised, from Madison Square Garden; Fordham vs the University of Pittsburgh, in which Pittsburgh beat Fordham 50-37.
  • historical players

     historical players
    Howie Dallmar was one of only four players to total more than 100 assists in 1946-47 , From 1946 to 1949, he played professionally for the Philadelphia Warriors of the Basketball Association of America.
  • America

    Basketball Assooction Of America Was Formed In 1946.
  • Rules Changed

    Rules Changed
    Players used a soccer ball in the first basketball games played at the Springfield YMCA in 1891. By 1948–49, when the laceless molded ball was made official, the size had been set at 30 inches (76 cm).
  • championship

    In 1950 the first World Championship for Men was held in Argentina held by the International Basketball Federation held from October 22 to November 3, 1950 winning 64-50.
    Three years later, in 1953, the first World Championship for Women took place in Chile.
  • Boston Celtics

    Boston Celtics
    From 1957 to 1969, the Celtics dominated the league, winning eleven championships in thirteen years and eight in a row (1959–1966), the longest consecutive streak of any North American professional sports team.
  • Great Player of His Time

    Great Player of His Time
    Wilton Norman "Wilt" Chamberlain (August 21, 1936 – October 12, 1999) was an American basketball player , Chamberlain holds numerous NBA all-time records in scoring, rebounding and durability categories,Playing for the Philadelphia Warriors, Chamberlain scored 78 points and pulled down 43 rebounds on Dec. 8 against the Los Angeles Lakers
  • fun fact

    fun fact
    Philadelphia center Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in one game against New York. That is the most one player has ever scored in one game.
  • Chicago Bulls

    Chicago Bulls
    The Chicago Bulls are a professional basketball team based in Chicago, Illinois, playing in the Central Division of the Eastern Conference in the National Basketball Association The team was founded on January 26, 1966.The Bulls won an NBA record-72 games during the 1995–96 NBA season and are the only team in NBA history to win 70 games or more in a single season
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    In the 1970s, he was the best player in the league, winning five of his six MVP awards as a dominant center on the Milwaukee Bucks.
  • College Basketball

    College Basketball
    In the history of basketball, the highest-rated college basketball game seen on U.S. television was the 1979 NCAA tournament championship game of Michigan State vs. Indiana State
  • First Three Pointer

    First Three Pointer
    The NBA first three point shot was made by Chris Ford of the Boston Celtics on October 12, 1979 in a game against the Houston Rockets.
  • Famous basketball player today

    Famous basketball player today
    Michael Jordan is famous as the greatest basketball player of all time he won the gold medal in the 1984 Summer Olympics .
  • Larry Joe Bird

    Larry Joe Bird
    Former NBA player and coach, Due to chronic back problems, he retired as a player in 1992.He was a member of the Dream Team that won the gold medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics
  • Dream Team

    Dream Team
    Since 1992, basketball has exploded in popularity around the globe, rising to a place where it truly challenges soccer's status as the world's most popular sport.
  • Shortest Basketball Player

    Shortest Basketball Player
    The shortest man in the NBA is Muggsy Bogues. He is 5 feet 3 inches tall.Despite his height, Bogues managed to block 39 shots throughout his NBA span including one on Patrick Ewing. This happened on April 14, 1993
  • Women Joins NBA

    Women Joins NBA
    The NBA Agrees to start a womens Nation Basketball Association.The first of the player signings was announced on October 23, 1996, with Sheryl Swoopes and Rebecca Lobo joining the league.
  • Tim Duncan

    Tim Duncan
    He is a 14-time NBA All-Star and the only player in NBA history to be selected to both All-NBA and All-Defensive Teams during each of his first 13 seasons ,1997 NBA Draft as the number one pick.
  • Kobe Bryant

    Kobe Bryant
    Bryant became the youngest player in league history to reach 30,000 career points.since his second year in the league, While Kobe Bryant has been on the LA Lakers they have won 5 NBA championships. The first 3 championships were early on in his career (2000-2002)
  • Jason Williams

    Jason Williams
    Jason Williams is a former American basketball player who was a point guard in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for twelve seasons during the late 1990s and 2000s.He started all of Miami's playoff games in 2006 when they won the NBA championship. The Heat named Williams one of their top 25 players of all time in 2007.
  • LeBron Raymone James

    LeBron Raymone James
    James is an American professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association. During the 2003-04 season, LeBron James became the first member of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the youngest NBA player in history to recieve the Rookie of the Year Award.
  • Tallest Basketball Player

    Tallest Basketball Player
    The tallest man in the NBA is 7 feet and 7 inches. His hand is almost a foot long. His name is Gheorghe Muresan .
    On March 11, 2007, Mureșan played a game for the Maryland Nighthawks as part of the tallest lineup in the history of basketball.
  • New York Knicks

    New York Knicks
    The New York Knickerbockers, commonly referred to as the Knicks, are a professional basketball team based in New York City, New York ,the Knicks finished the 2012–2013 regular season with a 54–28 record and won their first division title in 19 years.