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Michael Jordan

By WG3021
  • Birth

    On this day Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York. He is the son of James and Deloris Jordan and the fourth of five kids. Later Michael's parents figured that the streets of Brooklyn were too dangerous to raise their famlly so they moved to North Carolina.
  • Cut

    His Sophmore year he was cut from his varsity team. At only 5'11" he was deemed to small to play on varsity. This is what inspired him to outwork everybody in the history of the sport to become the greatest.
  • McDonalds All-American

    McDonalds All-American
    He made his varsity team his junior and senior year. As a senior he became a McDonalds All-American. He averaged a triple double with 29 points per game 11 rebounds and 10 assists.
  • Commits for UNC

    Commits for UNC
    His senior year he committed to UNC. He joined the in state power house Tar-Heels and Legendary Coach Dean Smith. He joined other McDonald All-American Sam Perkins in a quest for a National Title.
  • National Title

    National Title
    He lead the Tar-Heels to a National Title his sophmore year beating Georgetown 63-62 on the last possesion of the game. Michael hit one of the most famouse fifteen foot jumpers in the history of college basketball to win. Although Michael hit the game winner James Worthy was the MVP.Game Highlights
  • NBA Draft

    NBA Draft
    In the 38th annual NBA Draft held in 1984 Michael Jordan was taken 3rd overall to the Chicago Bulls. He was passed up by Rockets and the Trailblazers for Hakeem Ulajuwon and Sam Bowie. This ia also what he used as motivation to become the greatest ever.
  • Rookie Dabut

    Rookie Dabut
    On this day the world got thier first real look of the next NBA Star. He scored 16 points, 6 rebounds, and 7 assist as they won 109-93 over the Washington Bullets. He finished his rookie season averaging 28 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists per game.
  • Dunk Contest

    Dunk Contest
    Michael Jordan won his first dunk contest at the annual NBA All-Star Break. He beat out Jerome Kersey by 6 points in the finals. This is where he showcased his famouse jump from the free throw line dunk.Dunk Highlights
  • First Championship

    First Championship
    Micheal Jordan won his first NBA Championship after 7 years in the league. He was the NBA FInals MVP as the Chicago Bulls defeated the Los Angales Lakers in 5 games. Micheal finally got the "monkey off his back" winning his first title.
  • First Retirement

    First Retirement
    Michael anounced retirement after being a three-peat NBA Finals Champion. Even though he was only in the league for nine years he was still concidered one of the greatest if not the greatest by that point in his career. This decision was also influenced by the death of his father.
  • Baseball

    Michael Jordan was more than just an amazing basketball player. When he was younger his favorite sport was actually baseball. When He joined the Chicago White Sox in 1994, no one expected him to even play at the minor league level. His ability skyrocketed in the one season he played and almost had his shots at the major league.
  • His Return

    His Return
    The second season without Michael Jordan the Bulls were at 31-31 at the mid season and Michael made the comeback. His first game back was the highest rated regular season basketball game in over 20 years. Although being away for over a year, in only his fourth game back he made the game winner against the Atlanta Hawks.The Return
  • Game 6

    Game 6
    In Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals, Michael hit maybe the most famouse shot in basketball history. With the Bulls down 85-86 Jordan did a crossover on Bryon Russel, and possibly pushed off, and hit a 20 footer at to win the game.This capped off the second three-peat title for Jordan and the Bulls.His Final Shot
  • Wizard Project

    Wizard Project
    After the horrific attacks of September 11, Michael wanted to do something for the victims. His plan, he was going to return to basketball, again. This time for the Washington Wizards, and his goal was to donate his salary to the victims of 9/11.
  • Bobcat Purchase

    Bobcat Purchase
    Michaal Jordan became the first Ex-player to be a majority owner of an NBA Team. He purchased the greatly declining Charlotte Bobcats, his hometown NBA Team. He spent $275 million on a team who when they were just an expansion team was worth more than $300 million.