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Basketball over the years

By mascook
  • Basketball is invented

    Basketball is invented
    Created by James Naismith in December 1891 in Springfield Massachusetts. Started the revolutionary sport of basketball.
  • First Public Game

    First Public Game
    The first public game of basketball was played on March 11, 1892. This began the fan base of the widely know sport.
  • Free throw line change

    Free throw line change
    The free throw line was moved from 20 feet to 15 feet. This made the free throw line easier to make extra points.
  • First college game

    First college game
    First college basketball game played on January 18, 1896. College basketball is now one of the biggest basketball platforms. For example March Madness is widely known.
  • New technology

    New technology
    Metal hoops, backboards and nets were introduced in 1906 and changed the game forever. Technology is still improving to this day.
  • Basketball Spelling

    Basketball Spelling
    The spelling of “basket ball” becomes “basketball” in 1921. This effects how we say/pronounce the sport forever.
  • Marie Boyd

    Marie Boyd
    Marie Boyd scores 156 points in a 162-3 victory over Cumberland Ursuline Academy. This is the most ever score by anyone in a game.
  • College basketball double header

    College basketball double header
    The first college basketball doubleheader is played at Madison Square. New York University played Notre Dame and won 25-18 Also,Westminster beats St. John's 37-33 ,in December 29, 1934. Now we see double headers all the time, these 2 games started it all.
  • Olympic Introduction

    Olympic Introduction
    Introduced to the Olympics in 1936. Changed the Olympics forever and made the Olympics even more interesting than it was already.
  • First televised game

    First televised game
    First televised basketball game was between Pittsburgh and Fordham in February 28, 1940. Now all games are televised this game started it all.
  • 3 point line invented

    3 point line invented
    Howard Hobson invented the three point line. It effected how people score forever it used more than ever nowadays. Effected the game immensly now 3 pointers are the biggest scoring tactic in the game.
  • NBA is formed

    NBA is formed
    Six teams from the NBL join the BAA. the resulting 17 teams form the National Basketball Association and name Maurice Podloff as President. In the NBA nowadays 2 influential teams to the league are the Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls because of all of their championships. The NBA's creation is so important because it is the creation of the biggest basketball league in the world.
  • Foul line

    Foul line
    The NBA widens the foul lane from 6 feet to 15 feet. Changed the floor structure forever.
  • Clock change

    Clock change
    The NBA introduces the 24-second clock. As a result the pace of the game quickens.
  • Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame
    The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Opens in Springfield Mass, letting fans understand the game in a different perspective.
  • NBA adopts 3 point

    NBA adopts 3 point
    Although the three point line was crated in 1945, the The NBA adopted a three point line later. Allows players to shoot 3 pointers and get more points. This makes the scores of games much higher at times.
  • First 3 pointer is made

    First 3 pointer is made
    Celtics guard Chris Ford hits the NBA's first three pointer and makes history. Began the trend of 3 pointers forever.
  • Dream Team

    Dream Team
    The Dream Team begins play in Barcelona Spain. They eventually win the Gold Medal for the USA. They are knows as amazing players to this day.
  • WNBA

    The NBA Agrees to start a Women’s National Basketball. This allows women to enjoy the sport as well. Association known as the WNBA in 1996.
  • NBA Lockout

    NBA Lockout
    A Lockout by the Owners and players union shortens the NBA season by 32 games. Lasting from 1998-1999. Changed the length of the NBA season to 82 games.
  • Known organizations

    Known organizations
  • Industry Pioneers

    Industry Pioneers
    Bob Pettit
    George Mikan
    Oscar Robertson
    Wilt Chamberlain
    Nate Archibald
  • Relevant statistics

    Relevant statistics
    The 30 teams in the NBA generated 5.9 billion in revenue in 2017. The salary cap and luxury tax for the 2018 season will be 102M and 124M. The average attendance for the season was 17,884 people per game through the 30 teams.
  • Target Market

    Target Market
    70% of NBA fans are male. 62% of NBA fans are in the 18-54 age demographic. It it the only professional sport in the US where people of a Caucasian ancestry are outnumbered for total viewership. 53% of NBA fans make between $40-$75k per year. At 13%, the NBA is second only to MLS when it comes to attracting younger viewers in the 2-17 age demographic. 1 in 4 NBA fans is above the age of 55.
  • Championship

    -Best of 7 series
    -Winner of East conference plays the winner of the West conference
    -The winners are awarded the Larry O’brien championship trophy
    -The competition is currently performed under a 2–2–1–1–1 format, where the first two games are played at home for the higher-seeded team and the following two at the home of the lower-seeded team. The last three games take turns for home court
    Most recent winner: Golden State Warriors