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The Life of Michael Jordan

  • Michael Jordan's Birthday

    Michael Jordan's Birthday
    Michael JordanMichael Jordan was born on February 17th, 1963. He was born in Brooklyn, NY. Michael Jordan was also the fourth out of five children. They quickly moved to North Carolina because they felt Brooklyn was unsafe to raise a family.
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    Michael Jordan Timeline

  • High School Career

    High School Career
    Michael Jordan in his sophomore year in high school tried out for the varsity squad. He failed because of his rawness and size. Later he tried in his junior year and got in the squad.
  • Michael Jordan Goes to College

    Michael Jordan Goes to College
    In 1981, Michael Jordan had some of the best college schools to go to. Duke, North Carolina, South Carolina, Syracuse, and Virginia were all good basketball schools and were all giving him scholarships. In 1981 he decided to go to North Carolina under Dean Smith and a legend was born.
  • 1984 NBA Draft

    1984 NBA Draft
    Michael JordanIn 1984, Jordan left school early for the NBA Draft. He was already a high prospect and headed for it. He was drafted in the first round with the third pick by the Chicago Bulls where he would start his legacy.
  • Early Career

    Early Career
    Early CareerEarly CareerIn Jordan's first year in the NBA he averaged 28 points a game with 51 percent shooting, He quickly became known as a basketball player and many people liked him. He also made a good impact on the Bulls making it to the playoffs in the first round. He also won rookie of the year and got voted to his first all star game.
  • Playoffs

    PlayoffsEarly in his career, Jordan got the Bulls to the playoffs in his first year but lost in the first round to the Bucks. In 1986, he was injured but the Bulls still made it with a 30-52 record although they were swept by the Celtics. In 1987 they made it to the conference finals but were beat by a very good Pistons team. From 1991-1993 the Bulls and Jordan were unstoppable with three back to back final wins.
  • Streak of MVP's

    Streak of MVP's
    Michael JordanMichael Jordan won the league MVP in 1991. He led the Bulls to a championship that same year. In 1992 he won the MVP again and again led the Bulls to a championship. In 1993 MJ missed the MVP award to his friend Charles Barkley but still lef the Bulls to championship.
  • Early Retirement

    Early Retirement
    Michael Jordan announce his retirement in 1993 because of lack of desire to play the game. Later his father died in the same year and he did all he could for him. In 1994 Jordan started playing baseball for his father because it was his favorite sport.
  • Return to the NBA

    Return to the NBA
    In 1995, Michael Jordan decied to come back and play basketball again for the Bulls. They returned to their ways when Michael Jordan arrived at the Bulls the first time; average. The next year they went to their winning ways but lost to the Magic in the semi-finals.
  • Second Three Peat

    Second Three Peat
    Michael Jordan soon returned to the number 23 and went back to his winning ways. In 1995 Michael Jordan led the Bulls to a championship beating the SuperSonics. In 1996, MJ did again except in style in what is called the "Flu Game" and he won the finals in a game winning shot. In 1997, they faced the Jazz and beat them in the Finals.
  • Second Retirement

    Second Retirement
    In 1999 Jordan decided it was time for his second retirement from the NBA. Jordan left because of the franchise slowly falling apart. Phil Jackson, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman all were planning to leave the Bulls and Jordan decided that he would too.
  • Second Return

    Second Return
    In 2000, Jordan again returned to the NBA but not as a player. He joined as the President of Basketball Operations for the Washington Wizards. Watching basketball though made him want to play the game some more
  • Second Comeback

    Second Comeback
    In 2001, Jordan announced his return again to play in the NBA. He stayed with the Wizards franchise and hekped them out. Jordan only played 60 games though because of torn cartilage in his right knee.
  • End of the Game

    End of the Game
    In 2003, MJ played his last game in the NBA. Jordan soon retired and knew that he wouldn't come back. In 2006, he bought the Charlotte Bobcats and has plans to rename them the Charlotte Hornets as they were in the old times.
  • Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame
    Hall of FameIn 2009, Jordan was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame. Still being the owner of the Bobcats he still got the thrill of basketball. Jordan went down in history as the real king and the legend of basketball.