History of basketball

  • Rquipment

    About the equipment of basketball we need a ball, short, jersey, shoes, two hoops perched at a height of ten feet at the opposite ends of a court and ready to play
  • How Basketball has Changed Over the Years

    Basketball has changed dramatically from when it was first invented by James Naismith in 1891.
  • Basketball changes

    Players used a soccer ball in the first basketball games played at the Springfield YMCA in 1891.
    Early Spalding basketballs consisted of four leather panels with a rubber bladder inside.
  • Facts about Basketball

    Facts about Basketball
    Basketball is a popular game in North America, The origin of basketball can be traced back to 1891
  • When was basketball invented

    When was basketball invented
    Basketball was invented in December 18, 1891,Basketball is a game that is played by two opposing teams on a court. The aim of the game is to get the basketball, which is a round spherical ball, into the elevated horizontal hoop or basket at the correct end of the court. There are 5 players on each team and they play under a set group of rules
  • who invented basketball?

    who invented basketball?
    James Naismith He invented basketball as he needed a way to keep his gym class active on days where it was not possible to be outside
  • Basketball Rules

    Basketball Rules
    two teams with 5 players per team, teams play a 48-minute game with four 12-minute sessions. The length can vary based on the type of tournament and organization.
  • Where Was Invented Basketball

    Where Was Invented Basketball
    Basketball's early adherents were dispatched to YMCAs throughout the United States, and it quickly spread through the country. By 1896, it was well established at several women's colleges
  • Court Diagram & Positions

     Court Diagram & Positions
    The offense has 10 seconds to advance the ball past the mid-court line and, once past it, commits a backcourt violation if it fails to keep the ball in the frontcourt.
  • basketball olimpics

    basketball olimpics
    Basketball was first introduced to the Olympics by the United States as a demonstration sport in the 1904, 1924 and 1928 games. It became a medal sport in 1936
  • Minimun players in the field

    In the NBA, there must be a minimum of 10 players on a team and a maximum of 15 players.
  • the famous Wilton Norman "Wilt" Chamberlain

    the famous Wilton Norman "Wilt" Chamberlain
    The Big Dipper, and Chairman of the Boards, was an American professional NBA basketball player for the Philadelphia
  • Detroit Pistons

    Detroit Pistons
    The team was formed in 1941 as the Fort Wayne (Indiana) Zollner Pistons by auto piston maker Fred Zollner, who moved the team to Detroit in 1957
  • The National Basketball Association (NBA)

    The National Basketball Association (NBA)
    was founded in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America. It adopted the name National Basketball Association in the fall of 1949 after adding several teams from the rival National Basketball League (NBL).
  • Philadelphia 76ers

     Philadelphia 76ers
    This is the team that snapped the Celtics’ 8-year run as champions,they were one of the 9 Dominant teams in NBA
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    He was the only child of his parents and was brought up as a Roman Catholic, During the period of 1969 to 1989, when he was in NBA, he scored 38,387 points
  • Milwaukee Bucks

    Milwaukee Bucks
    Milwaukee’s only championship team was the first team in NBA history to win 20 consecutive games in a season, as the off-season acquisition of Oscar Robertson to pair with Kareem turned the Bucks into an unstoppable dynamo they were one of the 9 Dominant teams
  • Los Angeles Lakers

    Los Angeles Lakers
    Bill Sharman literally gave his voice to mold this team into a cohesive, defense-oriented unit which set the current record of 33 consecutive wins and also set a standard for regular-season wins which stood for 24 years
  • Whistle

    The coach or referee uses a whistle to indicate the start or end of a game
  • Boston Celtics

    Boston Celtics
    Under head coach K.C. Jones, the 1985-86 Boston Celtics finished the regular season with a record of 67-15
  • Famous Basketball players

    Famous Basketball players
    Born on the 17th of February 1963, He is the winner of five MVP awards, six NBA Finals MVP awards and three steals titles. He was conferred the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award in 1988
  • Rockets

    It's the least the Lakers and Celtics can do for the[ NBA](It's the least the Lakers and Celtics can do for the NBA, after a mostly forgettable playoff season), after a mostly forgettable playoff season
  • Lisa Leslie

    Lisa Leslie
    The US Women's Basketball Olympic team took the Gold Medal in 1996, scored a total of 156 points as a starter in all 8 games, averaging 19.5 points per game, made 28 of 44 free throws
  • The Chicago Bulls

    The Chicago Bulls
    The 1997 NBA Finals was the concluding series of the 1997 NBA Playoffs that determined the champion of the 1996–97 NBA season