Allen iverson

Allen Iverson

  • A Star Was Born

    A Star Was Born
    Ann Iverson (who was 15 years old) gave birth to one of the most talented basketball players of all time. Allen Iverson was born in Hampton Virgina, Iverson was very unfortunate that him, and his mother lived in a very dangerous and crime infested area of Haptmon.
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    High School

    Iverson was always an athletic fellow, ever since he was born his mother always said he liked to run, and he was very competitive. At Bethel High School Iverson was starting quarter back, and he also played on the defensive end. He was also the star of the basketball team. Iverson played point gaurd and averaged 31.4 points a game in high school.
  • Trouble With The Law

    Trouble With The Law
    Iverson and his friends were at a bowling alley, when an altercation broke out with white teenagers. The reports are that it was a racially charged act by both parties. It was reported that Iverson hit a women in the head with a chair. This act lead Iverson to be sent to jail for 15 years, with 10 years suspended. After 4 months Iverson was released with clemency, and he was required to finish his last year of high school at Richard Milburn High School, where there was no sports teams.
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    Though Georgetown typically recruited defensive-oriented big men such as Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning, with full scholarships.Coach John Thompson felt Iverson deserved a second chance after his time in prison and could not pass up the opportunity to recruit a talent like Iverson's. Iverson broke a record of george town by averaging 22.9 points a game. Iverson won rookie of the year in his first season. After 2 years Iverson left for the NBA.
  • Drafted

    Iverson was picked first overall in the 1996 NBA draft. The lucky team that picked him were the Philidelphia 76'ers. That draft consisted of players like Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Marcus Camby, and Stephan Marbury.
  • Rookie Of The Year

    Rookie Of The Year
    Iverson recieved his first award after an amazing season with the 76'ers. Iverson averaged 23.5 points in his rookie season, and 7.6 assists a game.
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    Playing Career In NBA

    Iverson was considered the best point gaurd of all time, and one of the best players of all time. In his career he averaged 26.7 ppg, 2.2 steals, 6.2 assists, and played 914 NBA games. He made the allstar team 11 times, was the allstar MVP twice, won the scoring title 4 times, 3 time steals leader, and made the all NBA third team.
  • Trouble With The Law...Again

    Trouble With The Law...Again
    Iverson and one of his friends were speeding home one late night in August; when a police man pulled them over. Iverson was carrying a unregistered glock 26, and possed marijuana. He was sentenced to 4 weeks of community service.
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    Iverson was always known for stepping up his game in the playoffs. Iverson took the 76'ers to the playoffs for all but 3 years in his 9 year stint in Philly. Iverson averaged 29.7 ppg in the playoffs. Iverson scored more than 50 points in a playoff game 3 times. Although Iverson never won a ring he was still one of the best.
  • Finials

    Iverson lead his team to the finials. Despite winnig the first game by scoring 51 points, the lakers were too much to handle and swept the 76'ers
  • MVP

    Iverson at the time became the first point gaurd to win MVP. Iverson averaged 31.1 points in his MVP season.
  • Olympics

    Ivseron won the bronze medal along side, NBA rookies
    ike; Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and CArmelo Anhony.
  • Iverson Goes Off For 60

    Iverson Goes Off  For 60
    In a pre playoff match up with the Orlando magic, Ivrerson decided going to score 60 points. Iverson kept attacking the rim, and destoying the Magic defence. This is the 5th highest scoring output in the history of the NBA.
  • Europe

    Iverson signed with Trukish team Beşiktaş Milangaz, his net income was 4 million. Many reports say he played only for the money since he was in money problem. Iverson left after one year with the ream due to a calf injury.
  • Bankrupt

    Allen Iverson made roughly 200$ million dollars from playing throughout his career, and not to mention the numerous indorsments he had during his career. Iverson spent all this money, and was bankrupt by the end of 2010.
  • Leaving the leauge

    Leaving the leauge
    No one signed the aging star, so he was forced to leave the league.
  • Divorce

    Iverson officially became a single man afer the Atlanta judge signed divorce papers from Tawana Iverson; she was the mother of 5 children with Iverson. Tawana gained custody, and an undesclosed amount of money.