Phil jackson

Phil Jackson

By shugan1
  • Birth

    Phil Jackson was born on September 17, 1945 in Deer Lodge, Montana.
  • Period: to

    Phil Jackson's Career

  • First Championship

    First Championship
    When Phil took over at this time, the Bulls appeared in their first NBA Finals. They never appeared in the Finals before. Phil Jackson shows the task of LEADING by leading the Chicago Bulls to their first NBA championship and first NBA final appearance.
  • Comeback for the Championship

    Comeback for the Championship
    Everything thought the game was over for the Bulls. The Bulls were losing by a huge margin during the course of Game 6 for the championship, until Phil Jackson started using his CONCEPTUAL skills. He analyzed the problem and broke it down; therefore, he could find a solution. He used four reserves and Pippen to cut the lead. Then, Jordan comes in and gives them the permanent lead and the win.
  • Bulls Three-Peat

    Bulls  Three-Peat
    When Phil Jackson led the Bulls to their third consecutive NBA championship, Phil Jackson showed his TECHNICAL skills as a coach. The technical skills he showed included: special proficiency or expertise on coaching; thus, it allowed the Bulls to win for the third time.
  • Jackson acquires Dennis Rodman

    Jackson acquires Dennis Rodman
    Phil Jackson shows the STAFFING task by trading Will Perdue for Dennis Rodman. Dennis Rodman was a rebound specialist and very aggressive, and he helped win three NBA championships for the Bulls.
  • NBA Coach of the Year

    NBA Coach of the Year
    Phil Jackson wins the NBA coach of the year award while coaching for the Bulls. He shows the INTERPERSONAL role, LEADER, when he won the award. He directs and motivates his players; thus, they got the record of 72-10. Phil's leadership earned him the award.
  • Flu Game

    Flu Game
    When Phil Jackson allowed Michael Jordan to play during the 1997 NBA finals, Phil Jackson takes a DECISIONAL role as a DISTURBANCE HANDLER. Michael Jordan had flu-like symptoms, yet Phil Jackson allowed him to play. Jordan wanted to play, and his contribution lead the Bulls to win against Utah Jazz.
  • Bulls win Sixth Championship

    Bulls win Sixth Championship
    Phil Jackson showed the ORGANIZING task by organizing his players according to their plan, the triangle offense. The center, Lonely, stands at low post, the guard, Jordan, is at the corner and the forward, Pippen, is at the wing. The organization of Phil Jackson help win the Bulls their sixth championship.
  • Motivation Before the NBA Playoffs

    Motivation Before the NBA Playoffs
    Phil Jackson shows HUMAN RELATIONS skill by motivating the Lakers before the 2000 playoffs. Phil Jackson showed his players a movie that showed the opposing teams as bad guys; therefore, it made the Lakers want to beat them. Phil Jackson works well with his players and give entusiasm which contributes to their success.
  • Lakers win with Jackson

    Lakers win with Jackson
    When Phil Jackson left the Bulls and went to the Lakers, Phil Jackson showed the task of PLANNING by planning the offensive tactics which eventually won the Lakers a championship. Phil Jackson would use the triangle offense using Kobe and Shaquille.
  • Second Consecutive Championship for Lakers

    Second Consecutive Championship for Lakers
    Phil Jackson shows the CONTROLLING task by taking a corrective action to make sure the Lakers win again. Phil Jackson controlled his two star players: Kobe Bryant And Shaquille O'Neal. Jackson controlled the conflict between the two to make sure the team wins again.
  • Interview

    Phil Jackson shows the role INFORMATIONAL by being a SPOKESPERSON. Phil has had many different interviews that relay information to the public.
  • Lakers back to the Playoffs

    Lakers back to the Playoffs
    The Lakers lost Phil Jackson as their coach which caused them to miss the playoffs. When Jackson came back, he managed to get the Lakers back to the playoffs as a seventh seed. This shows the INTERPERSONAL role as a LIAISON. He maintains information between the team to help them get some wins.
  • Negotiating

    Phil Jackson shows the DECISIONAL role of a NEGOTIATOR by aquiring Pau Gasol for the Lakers through a trade. Phil Jackson negotiated with another team to get another star for the Lakers.
  • NBA All-Star Coach

    NBA All-Star Coach
    Phil Jackson is selected to be the coach for the NBA All-Star games 4 times. This shows his INTERPERSONAL role as a FIGUREHEAD. He performs ceremonial and symbolic duties like coaching the All-Star game.
  • Retirement

    After the 2010-2011 NBA season, Phil jackson retired as the coach of the Lakers. He is considered as one of the Top Ten coaches in NBA history.
  • Highest Winning Percentage

    Highest Winning Percentage
    Phil Jackson is a RESOURCE ALLOCATOR which is part of the DECISIONAL role. He sets schedules and determine priorities for the team he coaches. This allowed him to become one of the best coaches. He has the highest winning percentage of any coach (.704) to this date.