time capsule 1980's

  • artist/Michael Jackson

    artist/Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson is one of the most known pop singers out there. he is known as the king of pop. Michael Jackson started his professional debut in 1964 with his four older brothers, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon. Then he became a solo artist in 1971. Michael Jackson was in a lot of hall of fames. He was in the rock hall of fame, twice, the songwriters hall of fame, and the dance hall of fame. He also had multiple Guinness World Records and Grammy Awards under his name.
  • artist/madonna

    Madonna is known as the queen of pop. She is also known for pushing her lyrical boundaries in mainstream pop music and music videos and on her performances. Madonna was in three bands in her career a band called the breakfast club she sang, played drums, and played guitar. a band she joined in 1980. Then created another band called Emmy in 1981 then later started working on her solo career. In 1986 Madonna released her third studio album it caught the attention of the rolling stones.
  • us president/ Ronald Reagan

    us president/ Ronald Reagan
    He was the 40th president. Ronald Reagan advocated tax rate reduction to spur economic growth, economic deregulation, and reduction in government spending. While he was the president the economy saw a reduction of inflammation from 12.5% to 4.4%.
  • artist/ prince

    artist/ prince
    Prince has been really successful when it comes to his music career. he has won many awards such as eight Grammy Awards, six American Music Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and an Academy Award for the film the purple rain. He was also introduced to the rock and roll hall of fame. prince also created a demo track with Chris moon and had a recording contract with the Warner brothers. Prince had many appearances on the show Saturday Night Live.
  • toy/ g.i joe

    toy/ g.i joe
    G.i joes are action figures owned by the company Hasbro. The g.i joes are action figures who are soldiers that represent the four branches of government. G.i joes got as popular as the superhero series like superman and iron man figurines. G.i joes came out in 1963 but didn’t really grow until the early eighties
  • fashion/ shirts and dresses

    fashion/ shirts and dresses
    They had so many different styles of dresses they had ones with ruffles, ones with bows, and ones that were metallic. Guys would wear crop tops, even more often than girls would. This was popular from the early eighties to the mid eighties then it started to die down. and guys started wear full length shirts again. Popped collared shirts were also a big thing in the eighties. Girls and guys would wear this, and it was really popular in 1983.
  • toys/cabbage patch doll

    toys/cabbage patch doll
    Cabbage patch dolls are one of the longest running doll franchises in the United States. A twenty one year old art student named Xavier Roberts created the first cabbage patch doll. Cabbage patch dolls were originally called the little people
  • technology/cellular phone

    technology/cellular phone
    There were already phones out but they were not portable though.
    Motorola was the first company to come out with a cell phone. You also couldn’t talk to people all around the world like you can now.
  • sports figure/Michael Jordan

    sports figure/Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan won gold in the 1984 olympics and in the 1992 olympics. On average he scored seventeen points a game. When he was on the team they were undefeated. He was also the second highest scoring player on the team. He has a lot of mvps and awards such as five time nba mvp, six time nba champion, six time nba finals mvp, ten time all nba first team, nine time nba all defensive first team, defensive player of the year, forteen time nba all star, and three time nba all star mvp.
  • fashion/shoes

    One popular thing was having patterned shoelaces. This more popular in the early eighties through the mid eighties. A pair of shoes that were really popular in the eighties were Adidas Grand Slams. Adidas grand slams were one of the first models Adidas came out with they came out in 1984. the shoes immediately became popular. Another pair of popular shoes were jelly shoes or jellies. Everyone loved them because they came in every color and they had glitter in them.
  • news event/the summer boycott of 1984

    news event/the summer boycott of 1984
    The reason western governments first considered the boycotting was because of the situation in Afghanistan. Countries all over the world were participating in the boycott it wasn’t just America. Sixty six countries didn’t participate in the 1984 summer Olympics.
  • movie/ The Breakfast Club

    movie/ The Breakfast Club
    The breakfast club is a movie about five high school student a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal who all had detention on Saturday. They all hated each other but then they start talking and end up telling their deepest secrets and it turns out that they have more in common than they thought. At the end of the movie they all end up become really good friends. The budget for the breakfast club was 1 million dollars. The movie was made in Illinois.
  • transportation/ buick gnx

    transportation/ buick gnx
    This car was an “advantage” to the muscle cars. It was much faster than the camaros that were built at the time. The car was named for the nascar winston cup grand national serious
  • toy/ pogo ball

    toy/ pogo ball
    A pogo ball was pretty much an inflatable ball with a platform attached to the ball so that you can stand on it and bounce around.
    The pogo ball came out in 1969 but didn’t become popular until the mid eighties. Pogo balls were so popular that they were even in most gym classes.
  • fashion/accessories

    Earrings were a big thing also everyone wore bright neon colored earrings. These colored earrings didn’t really have a time where they were more popular than they were more than other years. Women also wore press on nails this was the most popular in 1987. Another thing that was big were bermuda bags. These bags were more popular in the early eighties then they kinda went out of style.
  • tv show/full house

    tv show/full house
    Full House was a tv show where Danny Tanner's wife had past away. He had three children, all were girls, named Dj, Stephanie, and Michelle. Then danny’s brother in law, Jesse, moves in and so does Danny's friend Joey. They moved in to help raise Danny's kids. Full House came out in 1987 and ended in 1995 there ended up being 8 seasons of the show. The producers of the show were Jeff Franklin and Rich Corell.