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History Of Basketball

  • How was basketball invented & how will the game begain.

    How was basketball invented & how will the game begain.
    http://www.youth-basketball-tips.com/basketball-history.html While conducting a physical education class at the international YMCA training school, he was given the task of creating a new indoor sports activity that keeps the energetic kids busy. Hence,he picked up two water buckets & hang them off two opposing beams near the roof. He split his students into two teams and instructed that the team that gets the most # win
  • Buffalo Germans.

    http://www.nbahoopsonline.com/Articles/History1.htmlThe Buffalo Germans began play in 1895,& by the time they disbanded had a 792-86 win-loss record, including a 111 game win streak from 1908-1911. The teams’ play was so great in the early days of basketball that in the1904 Olympic Games in St Louis, Missouri they were selected to represent the US. The Germans would soundly beat all their competition en route to winning the first gold metal in Mens Olympic Basketball History.
  • The First Competitive Leagues.

    The First Competitive Leagues.
    http://www.nbahoopsonline.com/Articles/History1.html The First competitive basketball leagues where all local leagues, usually within the larger east coast cities like New York, Philadelphia,& Boston. On some occasions’ teams from other regions would travel to play another team. This was the first known professional basketball game was played in Trenton New Jersey between the between the Trenton YMCA and the Brooklyn YMCA.
  • Colleges that where just setting up games.

    http://www.nbahoopsonline.com/Articles/History1.htmlWhile the Colleges where just setting up the pro leagues came & went, but not all teams were in leagues. Some teams remained independent & would travel the country playing local teams for money, they were known as Barnstormers; some of these teams were the Original Celtics, the SPHA’s, the Buffalo Germans, the Trojans of NY & two all African American teams, the NY Renaissance Five(Rens)
  • The Early Professional teams.

    http://www.nbahoopsonline.com/Articles/History1.html The Original Celtics where an offshoot of a team called the New York Celtics, the New York Celtics began in 1914 but ended during world war I. At the end of World War I Jim Furey, and his Brother Tom restarted the team. The Furey’s brought many new concepts to the game of basketball, but their most important introductions were Zone defense, and the first contracts to any player.
  • The Not So Roaring 20s.

    http://www.nbahoopsonline.com/Articles/History1.htmlThought-out the 1920s Basketball was a second tier sport, only attended when there wasn’t a hockey or football game. The low attendance in most areas forced teams, and leagues to close down almost monthly, but some persevered. Teams such as the Celtics, Rens, SPHA’s Germans kept putting on a show wherever they went,but for every successful team; there were 20 failures. But this all changed in 1925 with the creation of the American Basketball League(ABL).
  • The 1935 Game's

    http://nbahoopsonline.com/Articles/History2.htmlThe 1935-36 season saw a growth in the league, the economy got better under the Roosevelt administration, and some fans could finally afford to go out to a game. However, the Anti-Semitism didn’t go away. The SPHAs endured harassment everywhere they went, most notably in and around New York City. A new group even threatened to sue the SPHAs if they continued to play in the ABL, the group was the American Nazi party.
  • Competition is born

    http://nbahoopsonline.com/Articles/History2.htmlGoing into the 37-38 season the ABL felt confident, however their confidence was about to be tested. The Intercollegiate Athletic Association announced that they would be holding a one and out basketball competition every march to decide the national champion. Teams would be ranked according to their divisions & overall records. Thus, March Madness was born. The league also announced that it would change its name to National Collegiate Athletic Association, or the NCAA
  • ABL’s

    http://nbahoopsonline.com/Articles/History2.htmlSome of the ABL’s financial problems disappeared in the 43-44 season. The SPHAs the Bombers and a few other made a little money, and the league had some decent game play. But the rise of the NBL was hard to cope with, the ABL lost the Rosenblum’s to the NBL. Also, the league had many players defect to the NBL. Despite this teams such as the SPHAs, Tigers & Bombers carried on.The SPHAs would once again become a dominate force behind Elmore Morgenthaler who lead the ABL in scoring
  • 44-45 Basketball

    http://nbahoopsonline.com/Articles/History2.htmlThe 44-45 season was an important one for the NBL, for the first time since the start of the second World War the League saw substantial growth. Chicago re-entered the league as the Chicago American Gears, and a new time the Pittsburgh Raiders would join the league. The League was split into two divisions, The East with Fort Wayne, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, and the West with Sheboygan, Chicago and Oshkosh. The league would also expand the number of games from 22 to 30.
  • National Basketball Association

    National Basketball Association
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Basketball_AssociationThe National Basketball Association (NBA) is the pre-eminent men's professional basketball league in North America. With thirty franchised member clubs (29 in the United States and one in Canada), the NBA is widely considered to be the premier men's professional basketball league in the world. It is an active member of USA Basketball (USAB),[1] which is recognized by FIBA (also known as the International Basketball Federation) as the national governing body for basketball in the United States.
  • The Birth of the BAA

    http://nbahoopsonline.com/Articles/History2.htmlWith the NBL on the rise, and the ABL falling owners from America’s largest cities, and one Canadian owner decided to create a new league in the larger markets to compete with the NBL and ABL. The league was called the Basketball Association of America or the BAA. Players earned about $2,000 dollars’ month, and would get another $2,000 dollars if they won the title.
  • The NBL and BAA Merge; the Birth of the NBA.

    Owners from the NBL & BAA would meet after both the leagues had finished their seasons, owners on both sides were concerned over teams and players constantly jumping leagues. On August 3rd, 1949 all the team owners had come to a satisfying agreement; the six remaining NBL teams, the Syracuse Nationals, The Anderson Duffy Packers, the Tri-City Blackhawks, the Sheboygan Redskins, the Waterloo Hawks, & the Denver Nuggets, would join w/ the BAA, the resulting 17 team league would be called the NBA.
  • ABL

    http://nbahoopsonline.com/Articles/History2.htmly the time 1949 rolled around the ABL was all but dead, the SPHAs had cased operations because owner Eddie Gottleib had turned his attention to his NBA team, the Warriors. Brooklyn took on the New York name to try and give the league some prestige but it didn’t help. Bridgeport would win the title, but it was over for the ABL. The ABL lasted until 1953, but of the teams who played in the 49-50 season only Wilkes-Barre, and Scranton remained in the league when the final curtain fell in 1953.

    http://nbahoopsonline.com/Articles/History3.htmlThe 50s saw the end of one great dynasty and the beginning of an even greater one. It saw the fathers of the NBL fade away only to be replaced with some of the NBA’s first true superstars. The decade also saw some hard times, and it also saw some very good times. It was a time of short shorts and no dunking, and great innovations into the game
  • NBA New Ruls

    http://nbahoopsonline.com/Articles/History3.htmlIn the off-season the NBA adopted some new rules; they widened the free throw lane. By opening up the lane the NBA experienced a sky rocketing in scoring from the guards, with six guards ranking in the top 20 in scoring. The league also saw a greater influx in talent as more and more college stars joined the NBA ranks, this also meant better competition.
  • NBA dominats big man George Mikan

    http://nbahoopsonline.com/Articles/History3.htmlThe 54-55 seasons saw a change in the NBA, dominate big man George Mikan retired, the NBA fully adopted the shot clock as part of the game. The league saw an ever more up tempo game then it had ever seen, the Celtics became the first team to average triple digit scoring for an entire season with 101 points a game. The league also saw a lot of internal changes as new coaches replaced old ones in places like Syracuse & Fort Wayne. And the league would also see its last down grading when the Bulls

    http://nbahoopsonline.com/Articles/History3.htmlDuring the off season the Hawks made a move from Milwaukee to St Louis. This wasn’t the only big news to involve the Hawks and the NBA; prior to the season the NBA announced that a new award would be given to the best overall player. The award was named the Most Valuable Player award or MVP as it’s known by. The first player to win the MVP was St Louis forward Bob Pettit. The Leagues adjustment to the shot clock and the up tempoed pace of games continued, with all teams averaging around 99 point
  • The Age of Expansion

    http://nbahoopsonline.com/Articles/History4.htmlThe 1966-67 season would kick off the NBA’s age of expansion, and age that would last until 1980 and introduce 14 new teams to join the NBA, 10 expansion teams and 4 merger teams. The first of these teams began play in 1966, they where the Chicago Bulls. The season also saw the first time when two teams would win 60 plus games.
  • First Professional Basketball

    First Professional Basketball
    Two years after the first professional basketball game was played six teams for Philadelphia and New Jersey formed the National basketball league(NBL). Shortly after the NBL formed, other leagues began to form all over the Eastern United States including the Philadelphia Basketball League, Eastern League, New York State League, and the Interstate league.

    http://www.usabasketball.com/about/inside.html ABA/USA officially forms together to become the United States Representative in FIBA. the International Basketball Federation.
  • First College Basketball Game

    First College Basketball Game
    http://inventors.about.com/od/inventorsalphabet/a/James_Naismith.htmThe first ever college basketball game was played on January 18, 1896, when the University of Iowa invited student athletes from the new University of Chicago for an experimental game. Final score: Chicago 15, Iowa 12, a bit different from the hundred-point scores of today.
  • IBA allows NBA in Olymics

    http://www.ultimate-youth-basketball-guide.com/history-of-basketball-time-line.htmlIBA allows the NBA to send NBA players to the Olympics.
  • Fisrt women school that play basketball

    http://www.wnba.com/about_us/jenkins_feature.htmlSmith College in Massachusetts becomes the first women's school to play basket ball. Men are not allowed to watch the games.
  • WNBA

    The NBA Agrees to start a Womens Nation Basketball Association (WNBA)
  • Violet Palmer

    Violet Palmer
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violet_PalmerViolet becomes the first woman to referee a major sporting event. She is soon joined by Dee Kanter.
  • Fisrts high school that has deafted a NBA

    Fisrts high school that has deafted a NBA
    http://www.ultimate-youth-basketball-guide.com/history-of-basketball-time-line.htmlThe Washington Wizards as the first ever high schooler to be drafted #1 overall in the NBA
  • NBA Expand

    NBA Expand
    http://www.ultimate-youth-basketball-guide.com/history-of-basketball-time-line.htmlThe NBA Agrees to Expand to Charlotte once again. bringing the number of teams to 30.
  • Houston Rockets

    http://www.ultimate-youth-basketball-guide.com/history-of-basketball-time-line.htmlthe Houston Rockets Draft Yao Ming to be the first #1 overall pick to never play College ball in the US.

    http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/earl-lloyd-becomes-first-black-player-in-the-nba195O was a year of awakening for the NBA. Four African Americans played in the NBA and was the first four: Ear Lloyd, Chuck cooper, HanK DeZONIE, and Nat "sweetwater" clifton.