Boston Celtics

  • Celtics are born!

    Celtics are born!
    Although a being a huge hockey man, Walter A. Brown founds the Boston Celtics, picking the name "Celtics" over Unicorns, Whirlwinds, and Olympics.
  • Period: to

    Boston Celtics

  • First home game

    First home game
    4, 329 fans witness Boston's first home game ever, a 57-55 loss to the Chicago Stags. They were also fortunate enough to witness the first broken backboard in NBA history when Chuck Connors splintered going for a dunk in Pre-game warm-ups.
  • First play-off win

    First play-off win
    After going 20-28 in the rugular season and making the postseason for the first time in franchise history, the C's lost game one of the opening round, but came back to defeat the Chicago Stags, 81-77, in game two. However, Boston was eliminated two nights later.
  • Boston becomes part of the NBA

    On Aug. 3, 1949 the BAA(the league Boston played in) combined with the NBL, making the NBA.
  • Auerbach becomes head coach

    Auerbach becomes head coach
    Prior to the 1950 NBA season, Walter Brown hired arguably the best coach in NBA history, Red Auerbach. Leading the team to a 39-30 record in his first season, the Celtics lost in the play-offs to New York. The Celtics would choke in the play-offs until 1956, going 10-17 until then. Auerbach would eventually lead Boston to 938 wins, and win nine titles as a coach, and seven titles as general manager.
  • Breaks the color barrier

    Breaks the color barrier
    Auerbach drafts Duquense's star player, Chuck Cooper. This breaks the color barrier in the NBA.
  • Start of a dynasty

    Start of a dynasty
    After trading away future Hall of Famer Ed McCauley and draft rights of another player to the St. Louis Hawks, the C's moved up to the number two draft spot. Auerbach used this pick to draft Bill Russell, and also acquired rookie of the year Tommy Heinsohn.
  • First Championship

    First Championship
    Coming into the playoffs with a 44-28 record, the Celtics advanced through the playoffs easily. Playing the St. Louis Hawks in the NBA Championship, the series was forced to seven games. The seventh game was the first to be seen by a large national television sudience and the Celtics won, 125-123 in Double OT.
  • First of eight.

    First of eight.
    Celtics swept the Minneapolis Lakers in four games to claim their first of eight straight NBA titles. It was also the first sweep in finals history.
  • second in a row

    Celtics defeat the Hawks in seven games for their second straight and third title for the championship. This was the third time in four years the Hawks and Celtics played for the NBA title.
  • Third straight

    Third straight
    This marked the Celtics fifth straight trip to the Finals. Playing the Hawks once again, Celtics won the title 4-1. Bill Russell earned his second MVP and the Celtics won their fourth title. Third in a row.
  • Fourth straight

    Fourth straight
    Winning 60 games in the regular season in the regular season, the Celtics advanced to the Finals again, even though they took all they could handle from Chamberlain. The lakers being their foe this time, the Celtics won the series in seven games, with Russell scoring 30 points and grabbing 40 rebounds in game seven.
  • Fifth straight

    Fifth straight
    In Cousy's last season and John Havlichek's first, Boston won 58 games in the regular season. The Celtics squared up against the Lakers again, this time winning in 6 games. Fifth in a row, sixth for the franchise.
  • Sixth straight.

    Sixth straight.
    After Cousy's retirement, Russell led the Celtics to a 59 win regular season and a 4-1 series win over the San Fransisco Warriors for their seventh franchise title and sixth in a row.
  • Seventh in a row

    Seventh in a row
    Dedicating the season to the late owner Walter Brown, the Celtics won 62 games in the regular season. In the Finals, The C's played the Lakers again, and annihalated them without Baylor. Winning by thirty-two in game one and thirty-four in game five, the Celtics won in five games.
  • Eighth title

    Eighth title
    The ' 66 season was a crazy one for the Celtics. Heinsohn retired, and Russell, K.C. Jones,and Sam Jones were all nearing retirement. Also, Auerbach would retire at the end of the year, annouce Bill Russell would play as a player-coach, and then Red became GM. Russell would once again defeat the Lakers in the Finals, once again in seven games.
  • Streak comes to a close.

    Streak comes to a close.
    Philadelphia finally stopped Boston's streak, defeating the Celtics four games to one in the Eastern Conference Finals. The 76ers were led by Wilt Chamberlain, a future hall of famer.
  • Tenth franchise title

    Tenth franchise title
    Although the Celtics finished the season eight games behind the 76ers, Boston beat Philly in seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals. Advancing to the Finals, The C's played none other than the Lakers. Once again, the Celtics won, this time in six games. This win gave the Celtics their ninth win in ten seasons.
  • LA gets beat again

    LA gets beat again
    Only winning 48 games in the regular season, Boston advanced throught he playoffs to go to the Finals again. Marking the sixth time in eight years, Boston played the Lakers again, and have yet to be defeated. It was the same song and dance in this series, Boston won in seven, despite the Lakers having Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, and Jerry West.
  • End of a dynasty

    End of a dynasty
    Bill Russell and Sam Jones retired, and Tommy Heinsohn becomes head coach. Only to lead the team to a 34-48 record, missing the playoffs for the first time in twenty seasons. On a positive, Celtics drafted Dave Cowens after this season.
  • Return to prominence

    Return to prominence
    It only took four years for the Celtics to make it back to the Finals. After finishing 56-26 in the regular season, Boston defeated the Buffalo Braves and New York Knicks to advance to the Finals. This time, their foe was the Bucks, and the C's won 4-3.
  • Championship number 13.

    Championship number 13.
    Finishing 54-26 in the regular season, Boston beat the Braves(Clippers) and Cavs en route to the NBA finals matchup against the Suns. Boston won four games to two, but game five is the longest in NBA FInals history, it went to triple OT. The Celtics won 128-126.
  • Draft of a Legend

    Draft of a Legend
    Celtics draft Larry Bird with the sixth pick in the NBA draft, but don't see him as a Celtic until 1980. Also, John Brown sells the team because of a dispute with Red Auerbach.
  • Big three

    Big three
    Celtics acquire Bird, Parish, McHale, and M.L. Carr in 1980. In 1981, Bill Fitch guided the C's to a 62-20 record, and an NBA Finals victory over the Houston Rockets, four games to two.
  • Embarassing

    Celtics got swept by the Bucks, led by Sidney Moncrief.
  • 15!

    Before the season the Celtics acquired Dennis Johnson. The Celtics went 62-20, and make the Finals again, this time playing the Lakers again. After falling behind 2 games to 1, the Celtics won the series four to three.
  • Lakers finally win.

    Lakers finally win.
    The Lakers finally beat the Celtics in the Fianls, four games to two. This was the first time Larry and Magic faced each other in the NBA Finals.
  • Number 16!

    Number 16!
    Prior to the postseason, Larry Bird won his third MVP and Walton won sixth man. The Celtics matched up against the Houston "Twin Towers," and won four games to two.
  • Sad day

    Sad day
    Celtics first round draft pick Len Bias dies of a cardiac arythmia. THe University of Maryland star is said to be one of the greatest college players to never play pro ball.
  • C's go public.

    Celtics offer shares of investments to buyers. Boston no longer does this.
  • Decline.

    Celtics start period of decline, go through a series of coaching changes.
  • Retirement

    Bird retires, they host his retirement ceremony on a night there wasnt even a game.
  • another death

    another death
    Reggie Lewis dies of a heart attack in the offseason after being cleared by doctors to play.
  • End of the garden

    End of the garden
    The Celtics move to the TD Banknorth Garden, ending the Garden Era in Boston.
  • Pitino

    Rick Pitino is brought in and becomes three different titles in the organization. He attempts to rebuild, but resigns in 2001.
  • O'Brien

    O'Brien becomes head coach and Paul Pierce blossoms underneath him. He led the Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals, but they lose 4-2. He also rebuilds.
  • Sold!

    Basketball Partners LLC buys the team. The owners are Wyc Grousbeck, H. Irving Grousbeck, Steve Pagliuca and The Abbey Group, represented by Robert Epstein with the additions of Paul Edgerley, Glenn Hutchins and James Pallotta.
  • New GM

    New GM
    Ainge becomes director of basketball operations, and rebuilds team.
  • New coach

    New coach
    Doc Rivers becomes head coach.
  • Formation

    Celtics trade for Kevin Garnett, he forms big 3 along with Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.
  • 17

    Boston defeats the Lakers four games to two with Rondo, Garnett, Pierce, Allen, and House.
  • Rematch

    The NBA Finals in 2010 caused a rematch between LA and Boston, except this time, LA won the championship, four games to three.
  • Current

    Currently the C's are 15-11 and just came off a 95-91 victory over Chicago last night.