The Great War

  • Chinese Nationalists oust the last Qing emperor, Puyi

    China was then ruled by the Nationalists, and after that, the Communists.
  • World War I begins as Austria declares war of Serbia

    After Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assasinated by The Serbian Nationalist group the black hand, Austria declared war on Serbia.
  • U.S. Enters the war

    After a German u-boat sunk the Lusitania and the Germans offered US land to Mexico in exchange for their involvment in the war, the US entered the war.
  • Armistice signed as Allies defeat Central Power

    Although Kaiser Wilhelm wanted the war to go on, his top generals decided to sign the Armistice.
  • Gandhi leads Indian camapaign of civil disobedience

  • Mustafa Kemal transforms Turkey into Republic

    After the Great War the Ottoman Empire fell and was replaced by the Republic of Turkey.
  • Mao Zedong heads Long Marc

    After being cornered by Nationalist troops, the communists were forced to march far away into the mountains of north-western China, a journey of 8,000 miles.