The Glass Castle

  • Jeanette Walls

    Jeanette Walls
    I was born.
  • The great escape

    The great escape
    After I burned myself while making food by myself at the age of 3 my dad stole me from the hospital and they pack up our things and moved away
  • Left behind

    Left behind
    I was sitting in the backseat of the Green Caboose When the car took a hard turn and I fell out of the car and was left on the side of the road for several hours.
  • Battle Mountain

    Battle Mountain
    Our family moved to Battle mountain a small town in the Mojave dessert. Our family moves into an abandon depot station. Mom and Dad make us kids sleep in cardboard boxes.
  • Phoenix

    Our family is force to move out of Battle Mountain after me and Brian get into a fight with a kid and end up shooting at him with dad's gun. After we are told that our grandma died so we move into one of her houses.
  • Beer?

    I turned 10 years old and I asked my dad to stop drinking so he did and he was sober for a year. When he went back to drinking he ended up losing jobs and since our family had no money so we packed up a few items and headed to Welch.
  • Welch

    Welch is a small coal mining town that is surrounded by 2 big mountains. The family moving into dads parents house. Erma does not like children laughing, there is also no bed for us so uncle Stanley ends up giving up his cot.
  • New Home?

    New Home?
    Our family gets kicked out of Erma house so we go looking for a new house they end up getting a new house with a leaky roof and no bath.
  • Money

    After Lori and I come up with the idea that we should move to New York so we start saving up money for the trip. When I go looking for the piggy bank that has the money they saved in it we found out that dad got into the piggy bank and took all the money. After finding that out Lori ends up going to New York and working as a waiter.
  • New York

    New York
    I make enough money to move to New York City and live with my older sister Lori. When I graduate high school I go and work for a news paper. My boss convinces I to go to collage. After going to collage I get a job at a new newspaper company.
  • Rex

    After Rexes battles with a drug problem he ends up calling me asking me to see him and to pick up some vodka. When I reaches his place dad tells me that he is dying. A few months later we are in the hospital watching dad on life support after a few hours they unplug his life support.
  • End

    The family gets together after Rexes death. Brian has joined the police force and started a family of his own. Maureen ends up rebellious dropping out of and living with our parents. One day mom suggest Maureen to go outside and she flips out and stabs mom. Maureen ended up going to California.