The ngiver

The Giver Life of a typical Person

By Perrysg
  • Ones

    When you turn a one you get named and destributed into your family unit.
  • Twos

    At this age your life is very simple.
  • Threes

  • Fours

    When you become a four you get a jacket that fastends down the back so you have to ask for help to zip it up. This is to learn interdependence. You have to wear this jacket until you turn a seven
  • Fives

  • Sixes

  • Sevens

    When you become a seven you get a Front-Buttoned Jacket that you have to put on yourself. it marks Independence.
  • Eights

    When you become an eight you get to start your volunteering hours which influence what you might get assinged when you become a twelve.
  • Nines

    When you become a nine you get your first bicycle. This shows that you are growing older and becoming one of the community.
  • Tens

    When you become a ten your hair gets cut into a nicer proper cut to symbolise that you have become more manly or womenly.
  • Eleven

    When you become an eleven there only minor changes e.g. your clothing.
  • Twelves

    When you become a twelve you get your assingment for what job you are going to have for the rest of your life in the community. This ceremony is the most important.