The Five Inventors.!

By Roxiee
  • Robert Fulton Birth

    Robert Fulton Birth
    Born At Lancaster county, Pa., U.S
  • Eli Whitney Born!

    Eli Whitney Born!
    Eli Whitmey Was Born On December 8, 1765 in

    Westborough, Massachusetts were His From.
  • Period: to

    Industrial Revolution!

  • samuel slater birth

    samuel slater birth
    Slater was born to a farming family of eight children in Belper, Derbyshire England on June 9, 1768
  • Samueal Slater Invented Factory System

    Samueal Slater Invented Factory System
    Father of the American Factory System
  • Samuel M. Birth

    Samuel M. Birth
    Born In Charleston.Massachuesttes
  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    The modern mechanical cotton gin was invented in 1793 Whitney applied for a patent on October 28, 1793. In Hadman'Connecticut Is Was Created To Make Cotton For All Clothing & Other Stuff
  • Steam Boat

    Steam Boat
    The Steam Boat Was Inveted Bt Robert Fulton In 1803..It Was A Invetion That Can Transport Stuff Faster & Also Create Faster Money!
  • John Deere's Birth

    John Deere's Birth
    born in rutland'vermont
  • Robert Fulton Death

    New York, N.Y.) U.S
  • Eli's Death!

    Eli's Death!
    Eli Had Died At The Age Of 59 In New Haven.Connecticut.
  • Samuel Slater Death

    Died :April 21, 1835(1835-04-21) (aged 66)
    In :Mount Zion Cemetery, Webster, Massachusetts
  • Invented Steel Plow

    Invented Steel Plow
    1837 The Invention Of The Steall Plow Was Created To Cut Hevy Grass & Lawn's
  • Telegrapgh Samuel M

    Telegrapgh   Samuel M
  • Samuel M. Death

  • Steam Boat In 2011

    Steam Boat In 2011
    Well Now These Days The Way We Transport Is Also The Same Way But Also With Planes & Cars Thing That Are Also Faster!
  • Cotton Gin in 2011

    Cotton Gin in  2011
    These Days In 2011 How We Use Cotton To Create Clothing Is A Mashinee W. Out People Doing The Work But Still Also In A Factory
  • Steal plow in 2011

    Steal plow in 2011
    This Is How Our Steal Plow Look In 2011

    This Phone Can Send Messages Faster & Phone Calls