Normans assault

The Development of England and the Norman conquest

By ligggg
  • May 14, 1016

    The Danish King, Canute

    The Danish King, Canute
    He conquered England and molded Vikings and Anglo-Saxons into one people
  • May 14, 1066

    King Edward dies bringing about a struggle for the throne

  • Oct 14, 1066

    The Norman Conquest

    The Norman Conquest
    The Norman king William the Conqueror claimed the throne and invaded England against his rival Harold Godwinson, the Anglo-Saxon leader. The two parties fought in the Battle of Hastings in which Harold was killed and the Norman won. After the victory William took England and divided it up amongst Norman Lords.
  • Period: May 15, 1154 to May 15, 1189

    King Henry's reign

    Henry strengthened the royal courts by sending judges to different parts of the land and he developed the jury. Over the centuries a unified body of law came about known as common law
  • Period: May 16, 1199 to May 16, 1216

    King John

    King John was a very bad leader of England who lost much land militarily and was a harsh ruler
  • Jun 15, 1215

    The Magna Carta

    The Magna Carta
    As a result of John's actions, his nobles forced him to agree on the most celebrated document in English history, The Magna Carta. This guaranteed political rights for feudal lords so they could keep the king's power in check. It also guaranteed rights for every citizen which were no taxation without representation, the protection of the law, and a jury trial.
  • May 16, 1295

    The Model Parliament

    This was the next step towards democracy in England. It started with King Edward who needed to raise taxes for a war and to do so he summoned Nobles to meet as a legislative group, or parliament.
  • Period: May 16, 1300 to May 16, 1400

    The growth of Parliament

    Parliament would be called to assemble every time a new tax was needed. The Bishops and Nobles met as the House of Lords and the knights and burgesses met as the House of commons. Over time Parliament grew stronger and was a check on royal power.
  • Period: to

    Early Invasions

    England was battered by danish Viking raids
  • Period: to

    Alfred the Great

    Managed to turn back the assault and made it possible to unite the kingdom under one rule called England