The Creation Of Israel

  • The Ottoman Empire

    dominated modern day Israel up until World War I. However, they were a declining power in 1914, so they joined World War I on the side of Germany.
  • Period: to

    Time Span

  • The Brittish Government issued a statement

    The British Government issued a statement in 1917 through the foreign secretary Arthur Balfour
  • Collapse of Ottoman Empire

    The end of World War I saw the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. To fill the power vacuum, Britain was given a mandate to govern Palestine in 1922 by the League of Nations – the fore-runner to the UN.
  • Jews moving to Britian

    Encouraged by the Balfour declaration, many Jews moved to British controlled Palestine. By 1933, 238,000 Jews lived in the region.
  • The rise of hitler in germany

    As a result of the rise of Hitler in Germany in 1933, 165,000 more Jews moved to the area.
  • Britain gives up the mandate over to the newly created region

    Britain was now to give up the mandate over the region. The newly created UN proposed a partition plan for the mandate in 1947. It proposed a Jewish and Arab state united by an economic union whilst placing Jerusalem under UN control.
  • Jewish population accepted the terms

    The Jewish population accepted the terms whilst the Arab leaders did not. The British withdrew from the region in 1948. The state of Israel was declared and war broke out between the newly created Israel and its neighbours
  • Israel gained 18% more land

    Under the terms of 1949 Armistice Agreements, Israel gained 18% more land than the original UN proposal and the occupation of the West Bank by Jordan and the Gaza Strip by Egypt.
  • Israel

    Israel is now what it seems today!