The Armenian Genocide

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    Armenian Genocide

  • Secrets start

    A secret treaty of alliance is signed between Turkey and Germany virtually placing the Turkish armed forces under German command.
  • Plans set in place

    The Turkish government sends sealed envelopes containing a general mobilization order to district and village councils, with the strict instructions that they were not to be opened until further notice.
  • Drafts

    The male population between the ages of 20 and 45 are drafed by the Turkish armed forces
  • Isolation begins

    The Dardanelles Straits are closed to foreign shipping
  • Post offices closed

    All foreign postal services in Turkey are closed on government order
  • Transportation limited

    Previously undisturbed Armenian schools and churches in Sivas Province, together with many private residences, are requisitioned by the Turkish army for use as barracks. The carts, horses, and other travel equipment of the Armenian villagers in the provinces are confiscated
  • Armenians singled out of draft

    All Armenians in the Turkish army were practically pulled out of army with their weapons seized ad forced to do manual labor.
  • Targeted murders begin

    The beginning of a series of isolated murders to terrorize the Armenian population
  • News spreads about genocide

    New York Times publishes stories about the genocide such as Armenians Are Sent to Perish in the Desert - Turks Accused of Plan to Exterminate Whole Population.
  • Russian Troops enter

    Temporary relief for some Armenians came as Russian troops attacked along the Eastern Front and made their way into central Turkey
  • Russians withdrawl

    Russian troops showed hope by coming in 1916 but they were recalled to Russia because they have to take care of thheir own country first.
    Over 500,000 Armenians left with them
  • Turks Advance

    Turks conquer Caucasus which gets the Tuks to focus on Armenia more. As many as 100,000 had fallen ecause of the advancing troops.
  • Victory for Armenians

    Thhe Armenians were able to acquire weapons and fought hard and repelled the Turks back to Turkey
  • Independence delclared

    Days after the victory at the battle of Sardarabad, the Armenian leaders declared their country the Independent Republic of Armenia.
  • Treaty signed

    the Treaty of Sevres was signed on August 10, 1920, by the Allied Powers, the Republic of Armenia and the new moderate leaders of Turkey. The treaty recognized an independent Armenian state in an area comprising much of the former historic homeland